Big Move

January 31, 2016 9:18:54 PM PST

4th Ave Location for LeaseOnce again we have a "For Lease" sign on our building, and once again fear not because we are simply moving our business to an even bigger and better location.  While we've enjoyed the False Creek neighborhood for the last 5 years, it's clear that this vestigial industrial area in the heart of Vancouver is rapidly changing in character to serve the nearby condo developments, rather than the historic manufacturing industries it once spawned.

On March 1st we'll be fully moved to a new location in Strathcona at 950 Powell Street, with nearly 3 times the space, great neighbors like EatART and Maker Labs, and room to grow for years to come.  This is a big and exciting next step for Grin, and the team here has been hard at work the past few weeks getting this space renovated, setup, and ready to serve as our new home well into the next decade.

Kitchen and Staffroom Steel Stud Hallway Takedown Concrete floor polishing

We will try to continue with business as usual during the entire transition process next month with a minimal amount of order disruption.  However, it's a significant job and much of our staffing manpower will be redirected to the move, especially towards the 2nd half of February. So please be patient if there are delays in communication as lower priority jobs are put on hold.

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Big Crystalyte Motor Sale

January 31, 2016 8:36:28 PM PST

In the meantime, in order to lighten our load on moving day we are having a significant sale on our entire inventory of the large Crystalyte H35 and Crown motors and kits, ranging between 25 to 30% off.  There isn't a better time to start a winter build project than this. You can get a great deal on a direct-drive motor package and simultaneously help us out with the moving process!

Crystalyte Motor Sale

The sale will go on from now until Feb 27th, and we’re hoping that you can help us clear a good number of these boxes from our rack shelving before we need to move out.    

We do also have a slight ulterior motive in that we want all of our direct drive motors in 2016 to be compatible with Statorade coolant, but the stock Crystalyte side covers aren't always sealed well enough to prevent leakage at high RPM's. Our next Crystalyte motor batch will be certified Statorade-ready, but these ones require reworking the side cover seal with silicone before adding a fluid coolant inside.

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Show Your True Colours

January 24, 2016 3:55:00 AM PST

Our tidy wiring kit has been a popular way to get clean cable runs and covered connectors on your ebike project. And being all black it does a reasonable stealthy job of it. But what if you’ve got a colourful bike and want a bit more zing? 

Red, Yellow, and Blue Tidy Ebike Wiring Kits

Grin’s manufacturing crew has been playing with fabric dyes and suppliers of coloured spiral wrap and zip-ties to produce bright yellow, red, and blue wiring kits too.

We love seeing ebike conversions where people pay extra attention to the look and details of their installation. So we’re starting a little contest for people who order one of the coloured wiring kits between now and Mar 1st.  Send us a picture of your finished ebike project featuring one of these routing kits and we’ll award our favorite 2 conversions with a 20% off coupon for your next order.

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New Product, TDCM Internal Gear Hub Motors

January 19, 2016 12:21:34 AM PST

The company TDCM from Taiwan has been among the more innovative players in the electric bicycle space. We’ve been carrying their bottom bracket torque sensors for a while but last year one of their motors really caught our eye. This was a direct drive motor surrounding an internal 5 speed Sturmey Archer hub.  You get the benefits of a derailleur-free 5 speed transmission with a 243% gear ratio plus a ~500-1000 watt hub motor all in one tidy package. 

TDCM IGH Hub Motor with 5spd Sturmey Archer Hub Separated

We wind tunnel and dyno tested this motor last summer and liked almost everything about it, and are happy to have this in stock in a fast winding both as the bare hub and also as part of a complete kit.  The motor includes an internal 10K thermistor for temperature sensing with a V3 Cycle Analyst, and is the first hub that we are offering pre-filled with Statorade for improved thermal performance. 

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Great news to kick off the New Year. We are now dropping the price of all our V2 and V3 Cycle Analyst devices, to just $95 for a V2.4 CA-DP and $125 for a V3.0 unit. Having served as our flagship product for a decade and financed most of Grin’s R&D activities, we owe a lot to the Cycle Analyst, but we feel it’s time for other products to move in as our main breadwinners and pass the CA savings back to you.

Price Reduction of Cycle Analysts

The V3.0 Cycle Analyst firmware is now officially at 3.0, no more Prelim6, p12, p13 etc.  as the latest tweaks have made it as rock stable as we could hope. Anyone with an existing CA3 can update to this firmware via the software download page. On new CA orders the USB->TTL programming cable for updating firmware is now no longer included in the package, but can easily be added as an accessory if desired.

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Thank you all for the many well wishes for our 10 year anniversary celebrations, it’s been a joy having so many customers who have been around for huge chunks of the ride.

Extended Range Satiator Family

While the 10% sale is over, there are other great things to be excited about. First and foremost? We’ve started our beta sales program for high voltage Satiator chargers. Now rather than being limited to 63V or 15s packs, the 72V 5A model can work all the way up to 103V for 24s lithium batteries for those hot rod ebike applications.

72V Satiator Charger Preview

There are a limited number of 24V 15A and 72V 5A units from our pilot production run available for early adopters who don’t require UL/CSA certification, and if you order by this weekend with Fedex shipping it should make it in time for the Christmas Tree.

Flexible Power Cables

Secondly, after years of wondering why there were no great heavy gauge cable sources for ebike battery and motor wiring, we decided to bite the bullet and have thousands of meters of our custom cable manufactured. 

Custom high flexibility motor phase cable and battery cables for ebikes

The 3 phase motor cable has high flexibility 413 strand 12 gauge phase wire with Teflon insulation, and also includes 7 signal wires too, for your motor hall sensors and thermistors. All of this is bundled in a round 9mm diameter flexible jacket and it stays flexible all the way to -30oC.

For our custom battery cable, instead of going with 2 conductors, we went for a 4 conductor instead. A pair of heavy 13g wires and a set of thinner 18g wires also with high strand count and flexibility. That allows one cable to have say both the charging and discharging ports on a battery, or an additional tap point for powering accessories. Or, you can just parallel connect the thin and thick wires together to have 12 gauge equivalent.

2015 Housecleaning Garage Sale

And finally, we’re clearing out a bunch of used ebike stuff that has been allowed to accumulate over the past year. So if you are looking for some bargain priced garage sale items, John’s got everything posted up on an endless-sphere buy/sell thread.   

ebike parts on garage clearance

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GrinTech 10 Year Celebration Party

Nov 30th, 2005 marks the day that the Renaissance Bicycle Company Ltd. was formally recognized as a registered company here in BC.

Back then, we were being somewhat cutting edge offering custom layout NiMH battery packs when almost everything was lead acid. Early hub motors and mid-drive systems were battling it out. Rechargeable lithium batteries were a promise of the future but still exceedingly unreliable, motor controllers were analog and didn't even have a microchip; the DrainBrain was being hand soldered in batches of a dozen at a time in a basement; and scarcely anyone on the streets had heard of an electric bicycle. Oh the world seemed ripe with possibility.

Early team of Renaissance Bicycle CoDrainbrain Production Line from 2005One of or first Triangular frame mounted NiMH Pack Designs, 2006Can you imagine this parallel lithium battery charger the size of a briefcase?

And now here we are, 10 years on to the day. The lithium ebike packs are ubiquitous with power, energy, and reliability specs that could only be dreamed of back then. Motor controllers run sophisticated DSP's that do vector alignment of the 3 phase drive; the DrainBrain evolved several generations of Cycle Analyst and has sold over 25,000 pieces; hub motors and mid-drives are still battling it out; and you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who hasn't heard of an ebike or knows someone who rides one.

Throughout this we've managed to survive and grow year after year, leading the field in some areas while lagging in others, but always staying focused on the unique needs DIY entrepreneurs and enthusiasts who want to make their own 2-3 wheeled electric vehicle creations.

We're not much for cyber-Monday type blowout sales but as a small token we're celebrating the occasion with a blanket 10% discount on all items in our store, which will last until Dec 10th, to honor these 10 years. Simply log-in with your customer account (or create one if you haven’t done so), and you'll see the prices reduced by 10%.

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CA3 Proportional Regen

November 28, 2015 11:28:00 AM PST

Since March of this year we’ve quietly rolled out numerous minute improvements in the V3 Cycle Analyst firmware. Now the latest CA3P13 code includes support for Proportional Regenerative Braking with any Grinfineon or Phaserunner motor controller. Simply squeeze the ebrakes for a base regen and use your throttle to dial it in! Have a read of the cumulative release notes for all the details or see the video below for a quick summary.

There’s no need to upgrade if you are happy with how everything is running. But if you use the auxiliary input potentiometer, torque or PAS control, or have a system that supports proportional regen via a 0.0-0.8V throttle signal, then an update for these new features could be worthwhile.

The CA3P13 firmware package can be downloaded from here.

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Injecting Statorade into Test Hub MotorWe're looking for people who want to participate in one of the biggest recent breakthroughs in the thermal management and hence power handling capability of direct drive hub motors.  If you've got an ebike setup with motor temperature monitoring and routinely see core temperatures in the 100+ oC range, then please read on because this post is for you!

See, earlier this year we built a wind tunnel in our lab for doing full testing of hub motors in conditions that mimic riding in the road. Our motivation was to better understand and model how hot motors get in heavy use at different vehicle speeds, both for predictive reasons and see what techniques can push that working envelope further.

Wind Tunnel Fan Blade powered by Stokemonkey Motor Grin Wind Tunnel for Hub Motor Thermal Testing

Well, in addition to the usual suspects of ventilation holes, vanes, and oil cooling, we also experimented with magnetically active ferrofluids. The theory was that the magnetic fluid would stay put in the air-gap and not leak out everywhere as is common with conventional oil cooling. What we didn't anticipate was just how TINY an amount was required to achieve remarkable effects.  With just 4-5 mL, you could have almost as much cooling benefit as a full cup of messy ATF, with almost no perceptible increase in the rolling drag of the wheel. 

The net effect is that you can run a given motor at about 40% higher continuous torque and power outputs without overheating.  Or correspondingly, a motor that used to run at like ~110-120 degrees in a given situation would now be sitting at a much more comfortable 70-80 degrees. Have a look here at our own GRIN designed prototype hub motor when dissipating just under 100 watts of power.  The steady state core temperature drops from 68 °C down to 43 °C. 

Test Results of Statorade Cooling Effects on Hub Motor

You get this without exposing the motor core to the outside environment like air cooling, and without the impossible sealing complications and additional rolling drag from oil fills.

Statorade PackageWhat we are still looking to understand are the long term stability and maintenance concerns; whether it lasts for years and years or will need frequent or occasional replenishment, and also what if any compatibility issues might exist with magnet bonding adhesives in the motors.  If you want to be part of this endeavor, then we've got 10mL syringes of Statorade packaged and bundled and ready for you. 

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Things Keep Getting Better

August 20, 2015 4:19:58 PM PDT

One thing for sure about the electric bicycle scene is that things don't sit static, incremental improvements are happening year after year. 



First and foremost is that the 18650 battery cell standard has evolved to specifications that were previously only dreamed of. Without changing anything to the weight or price of their packs, Allcell recently switched to a newer LG MG1 cell model. This turns the 15Ah pack into a 17Ah pack, and the 20Ah pack into 23Ah, and simultaneously cuts the internal resistance and voltage sag almost in half compared the 15 and 20Ah packs. 
 Allcell 20Ah vs 23Ah
All our Allcell packs are of this 2015 model with MG1 cells, and we've added them to the charge simulator and hub motor simulator to see the difference. 

Charge Simulator

It's not just LG that has been releasing cells with both high capacities (>2700mAh) and high current handling capabilities. Sony, Samsung, Panasonic etc. have all been updating their lineups of 18650 cells making this an exciting time for ebike battery capabilities. We've now refreshed the charge simulator to include dozens of new and old cell models, so anyone using the Satiator charger will be able to set their full charge voltage thresholds more precisely for a specific target battery capacity.  Just select the cell type in your pack from the drop-down menu along with the correct series/parallel layout and you'll have a full charge simulation at your fingertips. 
Cell Selection on Charge Simulator

Charging, Satiator 1.0 Firmware

And did we mention charging batteries? For those with a Satiator charging doesn't get much better. We've now released the 1.0 satiator firmware and software suite which has two major new features along with numerous small improvement tweaks to the user interface and charge behavior.
Satiator v1.0 Graph Example
The first of these is graphing! You can now see a real time plot of your charging voltage and current every time you plug in and charge a battery pack.  The graph autoscales sensibly, and looking at the charge graph rather than just the final amp-hours can tell you interesting things, like how much time was spent in constant voltage mode versus bulk charging, and whether the current from the Satiator was reduced due to thermal rollback etc. 
 Satiator Profile Statistics
The second major feature is charge statistics.  The V1.0 Satiator firmware not only keeps track of how many charging amp-hours and watt hours it itself has delivered over its life, it also keeps track of the total cycle statistics on each individual profile too. So now you will have an automatic record of how many cycles and kWhrs of energy you've put into your battery pack, and if you use multiple profiles on the same pack you'll have a breakdown of how often you've charged it to 80% vs 100%, fast charge vs slow charge etc.
This information is invaluable in understanding the life cycle costs of a battery pack under different charge scenarios, and can compliment the data from a Cycle Analyst or similar device that records the discharge statistics. The more people we have collecting real world performance data like this instead of just contrived lab test data, then the better the community as a whole can know what to expect for battery longevity. 
Small tweaks include a new "About Satiator" section of the setup menu that shows current info on the device, the ability to see the previous charge cycle amp-hours even after you have disconnected the pack, the ability to display battery temperature on any pack (not just NiMH/NiCad) by hooking up a thermistor, and a better fault handling behavior when dealing with packs that have problematic BMS circuits and whatnot.
This new 1.0 version of Satiator firmware does require a new software suite in order to display all the new information, and the software and firmware are available for download right now. Please click the appropriate link to embark on the best charging experience ever. 

Field Oriented Controller

And back to the subject of things getting better. The pilot run of BAC500+ field oriented motor controllers that we launched late last year was a good success, but what follows is even better. The PhaseRunner is based on ASI's BAC800 controller units with a special heatsink, potted enclosure, and cable harness all made here at Grin. It can run at higher voltages (95V instead of just 60V max), higher phase currents (80A rather than 60A), and has a smaller and narrower footprint, all at the same price. Many more details are available by reading through the endless-sphere thread starting here
PhaseRunner Motor Controllers

We're hoping to make this a standard and stock cornerstone of our controller and kit offerings by fall of 2015, but in the meantime we're still producing a couple of these a day for advanced technical users. 

Alex DM24 Rims with 3D Drilling

DM24 Rim with 3D Drilling

Anyone who has laced a large diameter hub motor into a small diameter rim will be more than familiar with the problem of spoke angle. Just a single cross pattern will produce an angle that puts large stresses on the nipple and bends the spoke, something we've modeled on the hub motor spoke calculator for people to anticipate. Alex Rims has been offering 3D drilling of their spoke nipple holes in the rim to allow the nipple to exit at an angle rather than radially inwards, and we got a large number of these in a 20" rims size drilled out to 14 degrees which should allow you to do single cross lacing jobs when previously only radial would make sense.  

Unfortunately, the 3D drilling is not compatible with their rim eyelets at the moment, so for the 24", 26" and 700c DM24 rims we opted to go for stainless eyelets instead. 

Shop Video Tour

Last week we also had an unexpected visit from Court, who runs the excellent electric bicycle review site  What was supposed to be just a short quick shop tour ended up taking a good chunk of the afternoon, which Court kindly recorded and uploaded to youtube. If anyone is curious to see the inner workings here at Grin and has time to spare, enjoy the video.

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Trip Analyzer Update - Oops

August 7, 2015 1:55:38 PM PDT

Sometimes we do a lot of work on a project and totally forget to announce it anywhere. That happened a few months ago when we finished a large round of enhancements to the online CA Trip Analyzer software, courtesy of the hard work of our UBC co-op students Mila and Shivan. Then moved onto our next endeavors and forgot to make a peep. 

The latest enhancements apply most specifically to the V3 Cycle Analyst devices, since the software now shows all the extended data such as human torque, motor temperature, pedal cadence etc. This extended data is shown on a second graph allowing you to customize not only which items to display, but also whether they scale on the left or right axis and how or if numeric stats on the right should be computed.

Example of Cycle Analyst Trip Analysis Software

We've also made it so that named trip sections are highlighted in different colours and shown on the slider bar, allowing for easier visualization of the trip regions when communicating or sharing adventures. All of these capabilities are now summarized in the FAQ section. As always we appreciate feedback from people using these web tools. If you've got an interesting trip upload to share, please send the URL our way.  

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First Newsletters and Videos

July 10, 2015 3:30:41 PM PDT

Grin's First Newsletter

This February we quietly added a newsletter signup to our homepage for people wanting an active update on new stuff at Grin. Many hundreds have subscribed we're glad to have gotten the first newsletter out the door this weekend. It's a long one but worth a look, future updates are expected to be shorter and sent out every few couple months to keep you abreast of our undertakings:

If you're interested in having Grin updates sent to your inbox instead of sending your browser back to our website blog all the time then consider signing up. There is no need to have an account on our store site, simply enter your email address in the box to the right. However, if you do have an accont then you can easily enable newsletter subscription from inside your account settings too.


How to subscribe to newsletter from account settings

Say Videos

Dan Sgzatti in Full GloryAs part of our effort to be a tad more proactive in sharing the good word on our products, our resident dealer rep and sales guy Danial Sgzatti has produced an excellent little intro video on the Cycle Satiator charger. This short clip is meant to help highlight the Satiator benefits without having to read tons of text on our site, and we'd welcome you to have a look.


Click to see Satiator intro video in Youtube

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On the Subject of Cargo

June 18, 2015 11:18:22 AM PDT

Well, the informal Cargo Bike Championships were a real blast, with last minute entries bringing in a total to 37 participants. The event spirit wonderfully captured on video by Iaco Rocher here:

    Click to see video summary of event      Members of the Grin team and their rides


We wanted to publicly congratulate the two winners of prizes sponsored by Grin. Philip Marciniak got a V3 Cycle Analyst and LED light kit for the best custom built ebike for his scratch build longjohn style bike used for his appliance repair business.

And Fabrizio Cross got a $200 gift certificate for setting the electric speed record for the fastest lap on full scratch-built semi recumbent bike, with room for both children on the back. This is one of those builds that blurs the lines a bit between ebikes and higher powered 2-wheelers, but the wide scooter wheels and full suspension do wonders to smooth travel on the bumpy roads of his hometown on Hornby Island. 

Side View of Bare Frame

Also a shout out to Stuart and the Lecicle, who showed up with the best family bike designed by kids that we’ve ever seen!

Yuba Cycle Stokers

After a very successful pilot run, we’ve now done a full production and release of the Cycle Stoker kit for Yuba Mundo cargo bikes. Thanks to all those who’ve participated to resolve any kinks as we expanded this kit to the popular Yuba platform. We’ve updated the Cycle Stoker info page has recently to include a lot more details about this mid-drive option to answer questions for anyone else who is considering it

For those still awaiting a Cycle Stoker kit for Big Dummy cargo bikes, that will be next inline on this project. 

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Bike To Work, Bike for Errands, Bike to BBQ!

May 28, 2015 12:50:39 PM PDT

This has been an awesome time for alternative transportation in Vancouver. Not only did we learn that non-car trips (biking, walking, transit) outnumbered private vehicle trips for the first time ever; cycling use in the city jumped another 20% last year, the hopelessly archaic Business Improvement Association has finally acknowledged that bike lanes are good for business, and the weather and turn-out for Bike to Work Week has been amazing.  We’d love to know exactly how much of a role electric assist is playing in that, but it’s no doubt a very large factor for some. 

Cargo Race TrackLet’s not forget to celebrate all this at the wrap-up BBQ on Friday at Creekside Park besides Science World. The full details of the Cargo Bike Championship have been posted to the participants. It includes a race where you pick up more cargo on each lap and a host of prize categories, and should be good fun with nearly two dozen cargo bikes of all types in the mix.


For the categories of “Best Custom Built Cargo Bike”, and “Fastest Time with Electric Assist” we’ll be awarding winners with their choice of:

  • A) A Cycle Satiator universal battery charger.
  • B) A Cycle Analyst and front/rear ebike lighting system
  • C) A $300 Grin Credit towards the purchase of an eZee conversion kit, or
  • D) A $200 gift certificate for anything at Grin

For all the other categories we’ll be giving away gourmet popsicles from our friend Johnny, who’s been making and selling unbelievably tasty cold treats from his mobile trike:

Because of this event, we will be closing our shop early on Friday at 4pm so that all our staff can participate. To our local customers and friends, we hope to see you there too!

Commuting by Big Dummy and Haul-a-Day

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New CA2 Firmware to Test

May 13, 2015 3:14:46 PM PDT

The classic V2 Cycle Analyst series hasn’t seen a firmware update in several years, and it’s time we fix that.  For anyone with a V2.3 Cycle Analyst, we’ve now got two more firmware options that you might like, both featuring the battery state-of-charge (SOC) icon previously only available with the V3 devices.

CA Marine Firmware Splash ScreenThe first is a special Marine Firmware that we developed for a Dutch dealer. This trimmed down code is ideal for anyone using the V2 CA as a power monitoring device in applications where there is no need for speed and distance tracking, just watts, amp-hours, volts etc.  The Auxiliary Potentiometer Input has been re-purposed as a temperature input for thermal monitoring if desired too.

Marine Firmware, Main Screen Main Screen with Temperature Percent Recharge Screen
 Main Screen showing Amp Hours and Battery SOC Icon  Amp-hours toggles to temperature readout if enabled  Display of recharge percentage and recharging Ah

CA V2.4 Splash Screen

The second firmware update is a general purpose V2.4 release for vehicle usage. To a first order, this is very much like the V2.3 CA code with the addition of a battery icon, but there are many changes in the back-end and setup menus too which should be appreciated, including better rejection of spurious speed readings if the spoke magnet and pickup sensor become misaligned.


CA V2.4 Features

You can update any of the V2.3 Cycle Analyst devices (But not V2.25 and earlier) using the same software tool and programming cable as a V3 CA, as explained here. This update will reset your total life cycle statistics, so before reflashing be sure to write down your total Amp-hours, Distance, Battery Cycles, and other custom settings so that you can re-enter those values later.

So if you have an inkling to try out the latest, please load the code above and send us your feedback.

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Get your Cargo Rolling - May 29th

May 8, 2015 11:23:39 PM PDT

There are few things we love more than riding around Vancouver hauling stuff on electric cargo bikes; turning heads and getting high fives and thumbs up while shuttling goods back to our shop at Grin. So we were smitten to see that Vancouver will be hosting it’s first every Cargo Bike Championship on May 29th, right at the end of Bike to Work Week, courtesy of Modacity and HUB. Read about it right here.

250 lbs of Scrap Steel haul with Big Dummy Electric Cargo Trike with Trash Load 12 Foot Lumber on an Edgerunner with Wide Loaders

What’s a Cargo Bike Championship exactly? We don’t really know, but we figure it’s going to involve some kind of informal cargo hauling contest, some kind of vehicle rally, some kind of judging, and of course prizes! On that front we’re going to be sponsoring some very big awards, like Satiators and Lumenators and perhaps even a full conversion kit. We’ll update on the details as they materialize.

In the meantime though, if you ride a cargo bike of any kind here in Vancouver, whether for transporting kids or your full suite of work tools, then come help us to showcase this other side of utility cycling. Modacity is looking for participants to register their bikes by May 18th, so get your details in and lets make this a great little rally. It's timed to coincide with the wrap-up BBQ at creekside park from 4-7pm, where there will be tons of cyclists gathered and free foodstuff too. 

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More Goods on Amazon

May 2, 2015 6:56:31 PM PDT

Purchase a Satiator via

Last year around this time we got our Torque Arms listed and stocked at Amazon for faster and cheaper shipping to US customers. Well we can now add to the mix the Grin Lumenators Lights, USB Power Adapter, and Cycle Satiator Charger too. So if you're after just one of these items and are in the United States, then you should find Amazon can deliver it to you quicker than we can here in Canada. 

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Vancouver EV Expo, Friday Apr 24th 5:30-9:30pm

April 20, 2015 3:39:28 AM PDT

In our first community event of 2015, we’ll be participating in the BC Sustainable Energy Association’s (BCSEA) electric vehicle faire, taking place this Friday evening at Science World from 5:30-9:30pm.   This is being promoted as an opportunity to learn about EV’s, meet local EV businesses, and test ride any number of electric vehicles. Additional information is here:


So come on out, it’s not free but it should be worth it. We’ll be there to balance out the heavy presence of commercial electric cars with a full suite of electric cargo bikes, trikes, folders, and longboards, all available to test riding.  

And if you do have a nice homemade electric bike or other PEV that you’d like to show off, it’s not too late to sign up as an exhibitor. Please either contact us or BCSEA directly to be a part. You can help bring awareness to the massive impact that ebikes can have as a viable transportation option.  After all, you don’t need 4 wheels, a roof, a trunk, and 2000lb of steel and batteries to get around town and have fun doing so.


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Conversion Kits Better Explained

April 15, 2015 12:52:09 AM PDT

We’ve recently changed how ebike conversion kits are presented on our website in a way that hopefully makes it easier to find the best option for your bike. At the center of this is a new conversion kit summary page that highlights the key features of every Grin kit and the applications and bicycle types where they shine.

Our mission is always to create conversion kits that use universal standards and interchangeable components, and address interesting niche applications that aren’t well serviced by other “one size fits all” systems.

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Bromptons Included

April 15, 2015 12:51:38 AM PDT

On the new kit front, you’ll now see two dedicated Brompton specific packages based around the Crystalyte NSM and SAW20 hub motors. We’ve customized the cable lengths and controller / Cycle Analyst mounting brackets to fit neatly on these unusual bike frames, had the motor axles machined with a 8mm axle flats and a 75mm length to be a drop in fit with the Brompton forks, and even made custom 8mm mini torque arms too. No fork spreading or dropout filing required, these kits are ready for primetime, and feature the same upgrade options of PAS and Torque sensing pedalec control as our other systems.

Brompton Kit

Have a look at the Brompton Kit info page where we’ve explained the options and compiled a detailed installation guide with plenty of photographs and pointers on how to put things together right. This is our first time preparing a kit install guide in many years, and we’d welcome any feedback as this will become a template for other conversion kit installation pages soon to come. 

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