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We’ve been big advocates of electric assisted cargo bikes and are keen to watch this area get an increasing amount of mainstream attention. Though our primary business remains focused on components for people who want to retrofit existing bikes into electirc assist, we do carry a small selection of turn-key cargo ebikes simply because none of the bike shops in Vancouver were serving this area. For summer of 2016 this includes the eZee Expedir and Juiced Riders ODK, both excellent high value cargo ebikes with hydraulic disk brakes and large capacity (>700 watt-hour) batteries.

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  • EdgeRun_Stoked


    From: US$3,280.00

    To: US$4,250.00

    Out Of Stock

    Edgerunner with Right Side Drive StokeMonkey Kit Installed Includes Proportional Torque Sensing Assist. No Battery. 1-2 Week Build Time.
  • eZee Expedir

    eZee Expedir

    eZee Expedir Step-Thru Frame Cargo Ebike
    End of year Holiday Sale, 40% Off
  • eZee Sprint

    eZee Sprint


    eZee Sprint Ebike

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