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Here is a list of new items added to the Grin store in the past couple months. It provides a quick way to check in on the latest offerings especially since many smaller items don't end up making it to our homepage blog post.

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  • B3623_LiM_DT


    From: US$745.00

    To: US$995.00
    New 36V 23.5Ah Downtube Battery with Panasonic GA Cells, 40A BMS, no charger. UN38.3 Certified for Shipping.
  • Allcell 48V 23Ah Battery in Rectangular Enclosure


    From: US$1,295.00

    To: US$1,590.00
    New 48V 23Ah , Allcell Core Battery in Enclosure with LG MG1 Cells, 40A, Balancing BMS
    NOTE: Up to 3Weeks Lead Time from Allcell
  • Full Electrifed Bike Friday pakIT

    Bike Friday 16" Kit

    From: US$429.00

    To: US$1,447.00

    Front 16" (ETRTO 349) 250-500W Geared Motor Kit for Bike Friday pakiT

  • Left Side Ebrake Cutoff Lever, All Metal with Rubber Front Grip


    New Left Side Ebrake Lever, Long Black Arm with Rubber Grip. For V or Mechanical Disk Brakes.
  • Right Side Ebrake Cutoff Lever


    New Right Side Ebrake Lever, Long Black Arm with Rubber Grip. For V or Mechanical Disk Brakes.
  • 35mm ID Spacer Washer, goes under threaded freewheels

    Freewheel Spacer

    New Freewheel Spacer Washer
  • SAW Electric Conversion Kit Package for Brompton Bicycles

    Front Brompton Kit with SAW motor

    From: US$479.00

    To: US$918.00

    Front Brompton Folding Bike Kit with 350-500 Watt Crysatlyte SAW Motor and options for PAS and Torque sensors.
    *Bike and Battery Not Included

  • Grinfineon Controller Bracket

    Grinfineon Controller Bracket

    New CNC'd Aluminum Controller Bracket Mount for Bike Friday and Other Bicycles with ~34-35mm Tubes
  • LiGo Bulk Order

    LiGo Bulk Order

    From: US$675.00

    To: US$740.00
    New Bulk orders of LiGo batteries for larger packs and dealers. Shipped by fully regulated dangerous goods. Typical 1 week lead time. Quantities over 10pcs email us please!
  • Crystalyte 3525 Front Hub Motor



    ETA : July 30, 2017

    New Crystalyte H3525 Front Motor, Hub Only, with hall sensors and thermistor
  • Brompton Kit SAW20 Motor with Higo Z910 Connector


    New Crystalyte 20mm SAW Motor, Fast 13RPM/V Wind in 16'' ISO349 rim. Narrow 75mm Axle with 8mm Axle Flats for Brompton Fork.
  • Slim Profile Split Grip Throttle


    New New Extra Slim Split Grin Twist Throttle, 36mm OD Fits Under Lever Shifters
  • Thumb Lever Throttle, Symmetric for Left or Right Side


    New New Thumb Lever Throttle, Universal Left / Right Side Design

16 Item(s)

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