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3 Level Auxiliary Input Switch for CA3 Device, with Resistors for 1.6, 2.5, and 3.3V


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This 3 way switch is used as an auxiliary input device for the V3 Cycle Analyst. It has resistors inside to produce 3 different voltages for each switch position and can be used to select between three different CA3 mode presets or to change one of the limit parameters on the fly while riding.
Actual Weight (kg) 0.0300
Country of Manufacture China
Manufacturer Wuxing

To use the switch for selecting between 3 different Cycle Analyst presets, navigate to the "SETUP AUX POT" menu and set the Aux Function to Presets, leaving the Min Aux In and Max Aux In at their defaults (1.67V and 3.32V). You will also need to activate 3 mode presets from the "SETUP PRESETS" menu. 

To use the switch for adjusting the PAS levelAmps Limit, Watts Limit, or Speed Limit, set the Aux Function to Limits, and then select which limit you want to scale. Set the Min Aux In and Max Aux In voltages according to the table below to achieve different scaling effects for each switch position.


 Min Aux In  Max Aux In  Position 1  Position 2  Position 3
1.67 3.33 0%


0.83 3.33 33% 66% 100%
0.00 3.33 50% 75% 100% 

CA3 Switch Schematic and Wiring Details

CA3 Switch Packaging

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