This year has been a solid one for us and we want to thank all the great customers from all over the world who have made that happen. Below is a world map showing the destination of every outgoing shipment that we sent in 2012. Can you find yourself? Surprised at how many others in your city are fellow Grinners too? (The longitudinal resolution is cropped a bit to preserve anonymity).

2012_Sales_TN (39K)

Things have clearly come a long way from our manual pin map of 2007, and it's fascinating to see what a global phenomenon the DIY electric bike scene has grown into.

Let's keep that trend alive and healthy, as the world slowly comes to realize that ebikes are the answer to so many of our future troubles.

Open Sat Dec 22nd, 12-5pm, then Closed Dec 24th - Jan 3rd

We hope everyone gets to enjoy a great holiday too. We will be open this Saturday, Dec 22nd, from 12:00-5pm for anyone wanting to get parts for their winter build projects or get in on the Christmas specials. That will also be the last day to pick up one of the new Xtracycle Edgerunner ebikes this year. After that the shop will be closed until Jan 3rd 2013.

Did we say Christmas Specials?

XMAS_Motors_TN (8K)

In additional to the cosmetic defect rear LED lights mentioned last week, we've got a whole new stash of miscellaneous motors, batteries, controllers, lights, and Cycle Analysts which are priced to sell. Adam has compiled all of these on the endless-sphere For Sale forum where they are available first come first serve.