The first 2013 Crystalyte shipment was unloaded last week and contains some updated parts worth mentioning:
Crown Motors
First are the new Crown motors, which use an intriguing side plate design with straight pull spokes and a wider/deeper motor stator that delivers plenty of power without the weight penalty of the large 54XX wheels. We have these in stocked in 26" downhill rims in two different winding options, however the exact performance modeling on the simulator will not be complete until June.
Single Sided Hubs
We are also bringing back the single sided stub axle motors for those doing custom trike, quad, or trailer EV's where you want to grab the motor from just one end. In the past we had these with the now obsolete 400 series hubs, and have gotten a similar variant made of the larger HS motors, with a custom axle made up that is 17mm diameter and 90mm long.
Thermistors in Crystalyte
All of these Crystalyte hub motors now have a built in 10K NTC thermstor, enabling you to monitor motor temperature with the CA3 providing a safety roll back. This allows you to get the most short term power from the hub without risk of overheating from prolonged use.