We have been working for some time with AllCell to produce a custom frame-bag mounted battery pack using their unique PCM material both as a structural support for the cells, and as a means to keep the pack temperature under check. This is still progressing, surely, but in the meantime we're happy to offer their standard rectangular 36V 20Ah and 48V 20Ah batteries as an option for all of our kits. With a full 20Ah in the tank, these offer a nice high capacity choice for cases where the 10 and 14Ah eZee packs won't go the distance.

While these packs don't have a rigid enclosure or mounting hardware, they can fit inside regular trunk bags OK and offer a great long range battery choice with USA warranty and support.

And while we were skeptical of the claimed benefits of the PCM material, there is no doubt in our testing that it does effectively keep the pack temperature rise clamped at about 40 degrees Celcius. The graphs below show a direct comparison of the eZee flat pack and an Allcell pack we had assembled in the same geometry, under a steady high current (28A) discharge test.