We've been working hard this year to update our Cycle Analyst line to keep relevant to the rapidly evolving ebike field. This includes big changes to the insides, slight changes to the outsides, and a very much revamped manufacturing process that will help us scale with the growing interest.

Version 2.3

CA_V23_TN (6K)

The standard Version 2 series of Cycle Analyst has been upgraded to V2.3. While the external operation is nearly identical to the V2.25, the internals are completely redesigned. All units now all come default with a communication cable both, usable not only for datalogging but also firmware upgrades. The change list is explained here.

Molded Shunt and the Stand Alone Model

1mOhm_Shunt_TN (5K)

We're also manufacturing a precision 1.00 mOhm potted shunt as a separate product, which effectively converts a CA-DPS into the Stand Alone Cycle Analyst. When a Stand Alone CA is ordered, you now have a disconnect between the shunt and the CA which can facilitate wiring, and makes it easy to later use your CA as a direct plug-in device should you get a compatible controller.

Robust Mounting Bracket

CA_Bracket_TN2 (7K)

While we were at it, we also tooled up a custom "Grin Tech" mounting bracket for the Cycle Analyst enclosure that is stiffer than the previous bike light bracket, uses 100% stainless steel fasteners so will not rust, and has a wider clamping range, going all the way down to 7/8" bars and up to 1.5"

V3 and Pedalec

Thun_Install_TN (5K)

Finally, the Cycle Analyst V3 Beta program is ready to ramp up to the next level for wider spread testing, as we have a fresh production run in stock. Please see the special V3 purchase page for details. We also have a good supply of Thun torque sensing bottom brackets with a custom cable harness that lets you install it and plug into a CA without any connector crimping, and are keen to see more riders experiment with a CA V3 pedalec mode.