There is still some good new stock on our clearance shelves for those doing bargain builds:

Crystalyte Sensorless 40A and 25A controllers - 50% Off
Now that we have our standard Infineon controllers working both sensored and sensorless, there is little need for the Crystalyte sensorless only controllers anymore and we are liquidating our remaining stock of these at half price. For someone with a direct drive hub motor setup with damaged or no halls, this is a great deal.
Slow Winding 20" Front Hub Motors - $95
There was an inadvertent mixup that had us with a large number of 20" front hub motor wheels that don't fit with our existing lineup too well and are on a firesale to clear space. These are a 10 turn winding motors with a power and speed similar to the Crysatlyte 409 motor. Great deal for projects can use a lower KV motor in a 20" rim.
All 9C Hubs and Kits
And finally, we are continuing with our sale of Nine Continent direct drive motors and kits. All the 20" units are out of stock, but we have the 26" and 700c in various front and rear, 2806, 2807, and 2808 windings still available.