Our latest shipment from Crystalyte included a few goodies to make note of. First is that we received a number of 72V pedal first controllers with a 30 amp current limit using the IRFB4110 mosfets. For the first time this means that we have a sensorless controller option for people wanting to run the large 5300 series hub motors, and for those who want to drive the Nine Continent and 400 series motors to higher power levels than is possible with 20 amps.

Secondly is that Crystalyte has sorted out both disk brake compatibility and waterproofing issues in the latest samples of motors. The rear disk motors are now available with an side cover that has an integrated 44mm bolt pattern for attaching disc rotors, the days of screw-on non standard discs are over. As well, there is a rubber sealing ring surrounding the axle entry to the side cover, and the wire entry slot is filled with a sealant. We have a small number of front and rear disk 5304 Crystalyte hub motors available, as well as spare 5300 series side cover plates for those who want to adapt a regular rear to the disc version.

Finally, the Project Motors which we had Crystalyte make a couple years ago ended up getting used in several interesting vehicles that required single sided axle support. Rather than ordering separate project motors for each winding type, this time we had a custom set of project motor axles manufactured, and with our press we can swap the axle out of any 400 series hub motor we have stock and replace it with one of these.