Edgrunner_Black (22K)

First and foremost is that 16 months after starting a project partnership with Naked Bikes, Xtracycle, and eZee, we have at last available for sale the Xtracycle Edgerunner electric utility bike.

The Edgerunner carries an impressive amount of cargo and passenger capacity with the Xtracycle longtail rear end, yet it still maintains an attractive and familiar bicycle aesthetic, and it handles like a regular bike too. The V2 eZee motor in the 20” rear wheel hides discretely under the saddle bags and provides ample hill climbing capability, while a high capacity 36V or 48V battery tucks neatly under the deck without resorting to a proprietary frame-mounted battery module.

Edgerunner_Frames_SM (18K)

We've been hesitant about dealing in turn-key ebikes in the past, but for us this one hits all the right marks and truly brings out the best of what an ebike can offer. We have the hub motor electric version available now in 3 different colour options, and are hard at work preparing a Stokemonkey variant with a Nuvinci rear hub for release in early 2013. They're listed here, on a new section of our store site.