We're going to wrap up the great Cycle Analyst giveaway contest with four more submissions for the last two months of summer. The winners are: Pete Chaloner in Ottawa who built a converted an EZ-3 trike for his wife who can't ride a regular bike due to with a degenerative lower back problems, but who has now happily clocked over 6000 km on the electric. Scott Bellinger, who has built a minimal assist tadpole running just an 85 watt motor through a Rholoff hub. Michael Elliott of Phoenix AZ who built his Crazybike2 submission submission entirely from Junk and recycled parts. And finally Sharangan Vithiyatharan and his engineering team at the University of Melbourne for their Urban Transporter project.

Pete Chaloner (err Cindy)

Redboy by Scott Bellinger

Crazybike by Michael Elliott

Urban Transporter