A few shipments came in over the winter adding more motor direct drive motor choices to our collection. The powerful HS35 series from Crystalyte which was previously only in the rear is now available as a front motor as well. They did this while still maintaining 17mm of disk caliper clearance, and a motor exit cable on the axle side rather than the end. We’ve also got our front and rear 20” Crystalyte motors made with an even faster winding choice,the HS3548, to make up for the smaller diameter.

From the Nine Continent shipment, we now brought in the somewhat slower 2808 hub as well. This motor wind has the highest copper fill factor of all the NC hubs (64 strands, vs. 60-63 strands in the other winds) and the slower wind is better suited for those running at high voltages.

Both this hub and the new HS3548 from Crystalyte have been fully modeled and put on our simulator too.