Every few months there are a few new items that have made it through the long journey from idea to production and are ready for announcement:
The Stand Alone Anderson Powertap
We are now offering a stand-alone version of the Anderson Powerpole tap that used to be a termination option for our LED lights. This handy cable plugs inline between your battery and controller and brings out a fused link to the battery voltage for running lights, DC-DC converters, audio amps, or what have you.
Cycle Analyst Security Screws
Some people have expressed concern about the Cycle Analyst or Lumenator lights getting stolen from their handlebars. Although we haven't heard many instances of this happening, we've sourced a set of security screws that can replace the Allen and Hand Turn bolts on the bracket so that these can't easily be undone.
Mini Geared Motor Kits

After a successful testing phase we're now offering for general sale a small geared hub motor for those for whom the powerful eZee kits are overkill. We settled on a 2.4 kg motor from Outrider, and have it stocked unlaced in both a standard (7.8 RPM/V) and fast (10.8 RPM/V) winding. These motors are available independently, or as part of an unlaced kit with 20A controller, CA, and spoke set.
Rolling Jackass Stand
Those who ride cargo bikes very quickly appreciate the value of a rugged centerstand for holding the bike stable while loading and unloading. The Rolling Jackass, invented by Val Kleitz and manufactured in Seattle by Haulin Colin, takes the cake for being the best of the best. This clever stand deploys with a handlebar lever so you can stabilize without getting of the bike, and fits the Edgerunner bikes just perfectly. We picked one up from Colin while riding down the coast and were so pleased that we had to stock them.
Dual Sensored/Sensorless Infineons, with Dual Levels of Regen Too
Our stock of 20, 25, and 40A Infineon Controllers has now been updated to run in both sensored AND sensorless configurations. So if the hall cable is not connected, they will automatically engage in a self starting sensorless mode, and if the halls are later plugged in the controller will automatically map the hall table and run sensored so that you don't have to play around with hall/phase pinout combinations.
As well, we now have them made with two levels of regen intensity to accommodate those who want maximum stopping power, as well as those who want regen current but want to keep it low to prevent damage to the battery or tripping a BMS circuit. There is an extra wire loop that can be snipped to double the electrical braking force if desired.
THUN Sensor
After a long backorder wait time the THUN torque sensing bottom brackets are available again. Unfortunately the costs on these went up substantially on this order so all the pricing has increased somewhat, but combined with a CA3 this is still the least expensive package for accurately measuring your direct human power output. Not to mention having proportional pedal assistance and everything else.
Crown Motors on Simulator
In addition to the small geared Outrider motors, we also have the Crystalyte Crown TC-80 and TC-100 motors fully modeled and put on our simulator. There are only a handful of Crown motors left so if you've been eyeing one of these for a summer build it would be good to get onboard soon. Our next shipment won't be until late September