After a few false starts over the past several years we’re finally going live with an updated web layout and back-end for, ( in case you didn’t notice!) circa 2008 homepage circa 2014
... 2004 ... 2008 ... 2014!


We hope with this new organization that it is faster and easier to find relevant information from the maze that was our website. Our goal was not to lose any info in the migration, and more importantly make it much easier to keep publishing new and interesting stuff.

The online store site in particular should be more convenient to navigate. You’ll notice that we’ve added a “specifications” tab with key technical details on the different parts. So for instance you can sort the list of hub motors by their motor kV constant, by their rim size, or by their weight, to hone in on the most suitable one for your project. 

Other things to note:

  • Account and Logins: It is now possible to register an account with us so that you don’t need to re-input address and other info each time you need to get something. You can of course checkout as a guest, but with an account you will be able to look at what you got on previous orders, check shipment status and tracking numbers etc.
  • Credit Card Payments: We can take credit card payments directly by secure checkout now without needing a Paypal account or a phone-in of the details.
  • Online Tools: The popular ebike simulator and spoke calculator are in the “tools” tab on the top, and we hope add a few more useful ebike related tools to this list over the course of the year.
  • Kit Bundles: Most of the conversion kits we’ve now made available in two types,  a) a basic option with throttle control and a V2 CA, or b) an  advanced PAS kit with a V3 Cycle Analyst and your choice of torque or PAS sensors for pedalec control. We hope that this simplifies the process of getting comprehensive set of compatible parts for your build.  

While a lot of the written content has been updated and made fresh, there are still some info sections that are still circa. 2006-ish and works in progress. So naturally, we’re working on them. In the meantime please let us know about any issues/glitches by email.