Through a partnership with King Meter, we've produced a modified version of their Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS) device to better integrate with the V3 Cycle Analyst. This device now has TWO quadrature output signals just like the THUN sensor, rather than a single output that responds in one direction only. This enables you to choose between installing on the left or right of the bottom bracket, and then indicate the forwards direction with the CA.
The input voltage range was increased to work from 5 up to 12V, so that it can run from the same CA connector designed for 12V THUN torque sensing bottom brackets, or normal 5V PAS sensors. As well, it still uses the split ring magnet sensor which can install without removing your cranks, and the sensor pickup is on a pivot assembly so that you can position it near the magnets regardless of frame geometry. All told, this is universal and easy to install PAS system for conversion kits that we've always wanted.