The Right Side Drive (RSD) Stokemonkey Cycle Stoker system has been refined after months of pilot testing, retooled for the new 2014 Edgerunner frames, and is now available as an independent conversion kit

Right Side Drive Stokemonkey Kit Contents

Some of the great features include:

  • V3 CA with built in pedal torque sensing through the clampset, for proportional torque assistance and human power readout
  • Patterson 2 speed crank with custom 39T chainring, both freewheels and provides a 62T equivalent front gear letting you pedal along at high speeds even with the small 20" rear wheel.
  • All cables lengths sized for a perfect fit on both the large and small 2014 Edgerunner frames, with all wires routed on the downtube for a clean install.
  • Works both with rugged internal hubs (like the Nuvinci) and regular derailleur gear systems.

The installation of this kit is a bit more involved than hub motor setups since it requires bottom bracket tools for the Patterson Crankset, but shouldn’t intimidate the mechanically inclined.  At the moment the kit is only sized for the Xtracycle Edgerunner frame, adapting to other bikes could be tricky but we are working next on a Yuba Mundo package.

Edgerunner Bike with RSD Stokemonkey Installed

Those wanting to purchase a complete Edgerunner with the RSD Stokemonkey Cycle Stoker installed can do so from Clever Cycles in Portland, and the G&O Family Cyclery in Seattle.  We also have a limited number of Black and Mocha Edgerunners with the Nuvinci hub available with this freewheeling conversion on our Edgerunner store site