Our spring 2009 shipment of Nine Continent motors was unpacked this week and includes a few new items. In addition to replenishing the stock of front 20" wheels, we have also added to the mix:

  • 26" hub motors with the higher-rpm 6-turn winding (what we call the 2806 hub)
  • 20" rear hub motor with 6-turn winding
  • 700c rear motors with the 7 turn winding

The 2806 front motor in a 26" rim is a good combination for people who want to go faster while still sticking to a 36V battery system. The rear motors are here by popular request. The axle spacing is 135mm and works fine with a 5 or 6 speed freewheel. 7 speed or higher requires additional spacers on the right and slight spreading of your dropouts. They have a threaded side cover on the left to accommodate a screw-on disc rotor. The rims are centered on the hub rather than dished, so the wheel is offset about 1cm to the left as supplied. They'll be available through our website some time next week.