We just unloaded a large shipment from eZee that replenishes all the front and rear eZee kits, in addition to the spare 144 hole hubs. The motors in this shipment were all made with thinner steel laminations, with a measurable improvement in efficiency over the first release of their V2 hub, and almost a 50% reduction in the no-load motor current.
Our next Crystalyte shipment has unfortunately faced months of setbacks, but is now scheduled to arrive around May 15th. Two things to note: first we've decided to completely replace the larger 5403 motor with the new "Crown" hub, which should offer comparable power levels but with less weight and standard 135mm axle spacing. Secondly, all of these motors will now include a built in thermistor, so that anyone can monitor and limit their motor temperature easily with a V3 Cycle Analyst.