We mentioned the 2nd generation Stokemonkey motor last year thinking it would just be a short while before getting the remaining hardware piece sorted out with CleverCycles in order to re-release the kit. But then something unexpected happened. Partway through this process we worked out an elegant use of the motor on a right-hand drive with a Patterson crankset in a way that doesn't force the cranks to turn. Here it is on one of the Edgerunner prototypes:

Edgerunner with Stokemonkey

So the complete Stokemonkey kit is now getting a hardware redesign in order to accommodate both classic left side AND freewheeling right side installations. We don't expect the full package to be ready until late March or early April now, but we have listed the motors only for sale for people either making a DIY mount or replacing the motor on an existing Stokemonkey setup.