After some development time we are pleased to make available a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery option in a triangular form factor. The layout is similar to that used in our frame mounted 36V NiCad batteries, only it is lighter weight (4.7 kg) and higher in capacity (10 Ah). These particular packs are made with low impedance 'F' size cells rated for 5C discharge in a 12S 2P arrangement. The overall pack has an internal resistance of just 130 mOhm, half the resistance of other 10Ah ebike batteries, which means less voltage sag under load and no problems delivering up to 40 amps of continuous current. Click the graphs at the right to see the complete performance details.

This finally means that we have a battery pack that can be recommended for higher power systems using the 35 and 40A motor controllers.