Our tidy wiring kit has been a popular way to get clean cable runs and covered connectors on your ebike project. And being all black it does a reasonable stealthy job of it. But what if you’ve got a colourful bike and want a bit more zing? 

Red, Yellow, and Blue Tidy Ebike Wiring Kits

Grin’s manufacturing crew has been playing with fabric dyes and suppliers of coloured spiral wrap and zip-ties to produce bright yellow, red, and blue wiring kits too.

We love seeing ebike conversions where people pay extra attention to the look and details of their installation. So we’re starting a little contest for people who order one of the coloured wiring kits between now and Mar 1st.  Send us a picture of your finished ebike project featuring one of these routing kits and we’ll award our favorite 2 conversions with a 20% off coupon for your next order.