We're new stepping closer to the full release of the V3.1 Cycle Analyst firmware and are smoothing the upgrade process. The Cycle Analyst software suite has been updated to contain the latest 3.1b20 firmware. This latest build is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. And if you are missing the USB->TTL programming cable, we have that now available on the amazon store too, along along with the digital aux buttons.

Earlier this year we produced a video showcasing the new digital aux input buttons, and have now prepared 4 more short youtube videos highlighting some of the other new features available in the 3.1 firmware, from screen customization to factory resets. Have a look


Video showing the ability to view custom parameters on CA display New Ebrake Options
Youtube video showing the ability to customize what item(s) show up in the main screen. Youtube video showing new ebrake setup menu table, with proportinal regen, logic polarity, and minimum brake time.
Showing and Hiding Display Screens Factory Reset Feature
Video tutorial on selecting and hiding which display screens show up when still or when moving.  Demonstration of the new factory reset feature, where you can restore all of your CA3.1 settings to a factory default state.