The original small screen Cycle Analyst has now been formally discontinued in lieu of exclusively making the Large Screen units. It has been an interesting run for 5 years but the process of machining and retrofitting an off-the-shelf enclosure box to make it hold our circuitry and work on a bike handlebar has run its course. The large screen unit with our custom molded enclosure is better in nearly all regards, and because of the high demand we've been able to drop the price to match what the small screen sold for.

Use your Cycle Analyst with 12V Batteries

We also changed the standard CA board layout in May with a new regulator that allows the standard CA to operate all the way down to 10V. That makes it now compatible with the many 12V battery systems people may want to monitor (marine, solar, backup, etc.)

And use it up to 350V too!

At the other end we have also been listening to the performance electric motorbike crowd that keeps demanding dangerously higher and higher voltages. We have increased the standard upper voltage range to 150V instead of 100V, and now offer a high voltage upgrade option that goes all the way to 350V instead of 200V. The differences between the Revision11 and previous boards are summarized below:

Rev 10 and Earlier PCBs
Minimum Voltage - 15V
Maximum Voltage - 100V
High Voltage Upgrade - 200V

Rev 11 PCB
Minimum Voltage - 10V
Maximum Voltage - 150V
High Voltage Upgrade - 350V (400V survival)