More Powerful eZee Motors

eZee_Stator_TN (6K)

We've worked with eZee to help make a higher torque version of their geared hub motor, by upgrading to a wider 17mm stator core inside without any change to the external dimensions. This has increased the power and torque capability by almost 30% with only minimal increase in weight. We have the V2 eZee motors now in stock in all 20", 26" and 700c kit sizes and have modeled them on our motor simulator as well.


Change in the Accessories

There are several other changes we have made to the eZee kits as well. The eZee kits now come standard with a 25A rather than a 20A controller to take advantage of the extra torque capability of the motor. As well, previous items like the PAS sensor and ebrake cutoffs are now going to be handled via a Cycle Analyst, rather than directly to the controller.

LED Battery Indicator

The 3-LED indicator has also been eliminated. We will soon have a more comprehensive 5-LED option for those who want a basic indicator but don't require the full features of the Cycle Analyst.