We're currently running the first small-scale production run of EdgeRunner cargo bikes featuring a freewheeling right side drive Stokemonkey setup (Renamed Cycle Stoker in 2014and are open to sales to early adopters. Priority will be to customers local in BC, although keen technically minded folks elsewhere are free to apply too.

This bike has all the benefits of the original Stokemonkey for cargo and passenger hauling, with the further bonuses of:

  • 1) Integrated torque sensing proportional pedal assist, via strain sensors and a V3 Cycle Analyst
  • 2) Single right side chain with freewheeling crankset, so the motor can run independent of the pedals.

Combined with the Nuvini CVT hub on the back, the result is a seamless mid-drive system that can change gears on the fly and under load. The introductory price of the complete bike without battery is $3295, with any of the 36V and 48V battery options being well suitable.