For those who've been waiting, the remaining production batch of 72V capable 40A infineon controllers arrived last week and is in great supply. We hope everyone had a good holiday and have just a few small things to mention to start the year:

More PAS Sensor Mount Options

Magnets_On_Chainring (21K)
PAS12_Chainring (13K)

The split-disk PAS magnet rings have been a great convenience for those installing pedal assist systems on DIY ebikes without needing to take the crank off, but they only work with square taper bottom bracket spindles. For those with external bearing bottom brackets using ISIS or other splined standard, we now have a magnet ring option from King Meter that attaches directly to your small chainring instead. This works with 64mm 4-bolt and 74mm 5 bolt inner spiders, and comes with the universal CA3 compatible PAS pickup.


LED Rear Lights

We're now making the popular 8LED rear ebike lights available preterminated with a DC power jack, so that they are plug-and-play compatible with our Anderson Powerpole Tap. This makes wiring up your rear lights almost as easy as the front lights (which just plug into the Cycle Analyst). We will continue to offer the non-terminated version for those who want their lights hard-wired and/or who want to take advantage of the 3rd signal wire to control the flash mode.

8LED_Lights_Compared_TN (20K) 8LED_With_Tap (19K)

Stokemonkey Install Tools

This isn't much, but we have both crank puller and chain breaker tools available for those installing a Stokemonkey drive on their cargo bike. We'll soon have large gear pullers for opening hub motors, and some other ebike specific repair and install hardware available.

Tidy Wiring Kit

Wiring_Tidy_Kit (20K)

There are a few tricks to making a DIY ebike looks as neat and professional as a turn-key ebike, and most of them center around wire and cable management. With proper use of spiral wrap (to bundle cables together), Velcro sleeves (to cover and protect connectors), and zip ties to secure it all to the frame, you can turn a rats nest frankenproject into a pretty clean machine. We've put together a 'WireRouteKit' to help people straighten their mess.

These items are listed on the Wiring Accessories section of our store site, and we will have them listed with the conversion kits shortly.