Well Dual Output USB Power Adapter for ebikesour first real blog post on the new website should interest many people here. After a year in development we're ready to launch a new DC-DC converter series with USB outputs to help accessorize your ebike.  The first of these is a 15 watt Dual converter, which runs off 24V-72V packs and has full 2A and 1A output ports.  These DC-DC adapters will enable you to turn your ebike battery into a rapid charge station for your phone/tablet/gps/bike light or other gadget.  

The power adapters are rugged, waterproof, made in Canada, and easily plug in to a Cycle Analyst's power port or Anderson tap. There is an embedded LED current gauge that shows how many amps are flowing on each USB port so you can be sure when a device is charging or fully charged. And the output is fully isolated from your ebike battery so there is no risk of shock, ground loops, or electrical interference.

The first production batch is in our curing oven and will be available from the DC-DC converter section of our website. 

ebike DC-DC Power Adapter Charging Devices