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36-72V, 40A Controller with ON/OFF switch, Proportional Regen, and CA3 Connector. For both Sensored and Sensorless Brushless Motors. Discounted Older Model (13000 eRPM max).


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Regular Price: US$175.00

Special Price: US$140.00

40A Sensored/Sensorless Grinfineon Controller

Features include:

  • Wide Input Voltage Range
  • Full Length Cable Harness
  • Crimpable Connectors
  • Dual Sensored/Sensorless Operation
    (sensorless only to ~13000 eRPM - eZee motors require sensors)
  • Fully Proportional Regenerative Braking
  • FWD/REV Input Wire
  • Integrated ON/OFF Toggle Switch
  • Performance MOSFETs (IRFB4110 or better)
  • V2 and V3 Cycle Analyst Compatibility
  • Waterproof Gasket

For more information please see the Infineon controller page.

Manufacturer Varied
Country of Manufacture China
Dimensions (L x W x H, mm) 154 x 87 x 46
Actual Weight (kg) 0.6600
Max Regen Voltage (V) 88
Max Battery Amps (A) 40
Battery Range (V) 36-72
Low Voltage Cutoff (V) 27
MOSFETs 12 x IRFB4110
Control Chip XC836

12cm cable length for CA, Throttle, and Ebrake

120cm for battery and motor leads.

Fully Proportional Regenerative Braking

Additional Fwd/Rev wire tucked into throttle wire bundle if required for reversing applications

Regen can be fully disabled by shorting TA pad to Gnd

Original Grinfineon Controller User Manual

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