Crown and DD45

The Crystalyte Crown and DD45 motors are suited for those who want a very high power direct drive rear hub motor. The larger width of the TC40XX makes them difficult to fit in a 135mm dropout with a full gear cluster, so they are usually used with just a single or 3 speed freewheel on the back, or with a frame that is spread open to 140-150mm wide. The DD45 motor is similar in power but more generic looking and much less expensive. It is engineered for 135mm dropouts with single speed freewheel, and just over 150mm with 7 speed freewheels.

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  • Crystalyte Rear Crown Kit

    Crystalyte Rear Crown Kit

    From: US$715.00

    To: US$1,275.00
    Powerful Rear Crystalyte Crown Series Kit.
  • DD45 Motor Kit

    DD45 Motor Kit

    From: US$415.00

    To: US$1,101.00

    Out Of Stock

    Powerful Rear DD45 Conversion Kit.