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We have two types of geared motor kits, eZee and Bafang G01. The eZee system has been one of our most popular high-end packages. The V2 eZee hub motor generates an impressive amount of hill climbing torque for its 4kg size and works great in the 500-1000 watt power range. It is available both front and rear and comes complete with a puncture-resistant Schwalbe Marathon Plus tire as well.

The smaller Bafang motor kits are ideal for those who want a minimal weight 250-500 watt front drive system. At the moment we have these stocked as bare hubs only rather than prelaced into a wheel, but can lace them with Sapim spokes into any size rim.

The geared hubs are light weight, small enough to be laced into 16” wheels, and coast freely when unpowered so that there is no drag on the bicycle. On the downside, they have more internal complexity and components that can fail, can’t do regenerative braking, and may generate some audible gear noise while running. 

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  • eZee Rear Kit, Advanced PAS

    eZee Rear Kit, Advanced PAS


    From: US$595.00

    SALE To: US$1,234.00
    Full Rear eZee Kit with a V3 Cycle Analyst and PAS/THUN Sensor Options.
  • eZee Rear Kit, Basic Throttle

    eZee Rear Kit, Basic Throttle


    From: US$480.00

    SALE To: US$942.00
    Basic Rear eZee Kit with a Throttle Control and Optional V2 Cycle Analyst
  • Front eZee Fatbike Kit

    Front eZee Fatbike Kit


    From: US$597.00

    SALE To: US$1,134.00

    Front Wheel Fatbike Conversion Kit, with High Torque Geared eZee Motor

  • Prelaced Front G311 Motor Kit for Basic Throttle Control

    Front G311 Kit, Basic Throttle, Prelaced

    From: US$410.00

    To: US$734.00
    Front 250-500W Prelaced Geared Bafang G311 Motor Kit, Display Options and Basic Throttle Control
  • Ready to Roll Kit based on Rear G310 Motor, Downtube Battery with Baserunner Controller, CA3 with PAS Options etc.

    G310 Rear Ready-to-Roll Kit

    From: US$565.00

    To: US$1,917.00
    New Rear 250-500W Ready to Ride Geared Bafang G310 Kit, with V3 Cycle Analyst, Downtube battery, PAS/Torque sensor options.
  • GMAC System Ready to Roll Kit Bundle

    GMAC Ready-to-Roll Kit

    From: US$1,225.00

    To: US$2,517.00
    New Full Rear GMAC Ready-to-Roll Kit with Downtube Battery, Baserunner_L10, V3 Cycle Analyst and PAS/TorqueSensor Options.

21 Item(s)

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