GMAC High Voltage Kit

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72V GMAC Conversion Kit with Phaserunner Controller, V3 Cycle Analyst and PAS Options.

GMAC High Voltage System

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Frame Clamp and Torque Arm
Adjustable Frame Clamp for Grin Torque Arms (GMAC and All Axle Hub)
Weight: 0.05 kg

Labour for Hand Lacing Hub Motor Into Rim

Triple Bob and Hose Clamps for Secure Mounting of Hailong-01, 21700, and Reention Downtube Batteries
High Voltage 72V 5A Satiator
Cycle Satiator High Voltage 72V Programmable Battery Charger for 36V to 84V Nominal Batteries, Max Output of 5A or 360 Watts.
Brochure User Manual

Weight: 1.06 kg
Grin Phaserunner Field Oriented Controller, New V3 Model with WP8 CA Plug - Stainless Silver Shell with Molded L1019 Motor Connector. 90V Max and 96 A Peak Phase Currents (~45A Continuous).
Weight: 0.26 kg
V3 Direct Plug Cycle Analyst with Waterproof 8 Pin HiGo CA Plug for Ready to Roll Kits.110 cm cable length.
Weight: 0.29 kg
Multifunction Switch for CA3-WP, with On/Off Power, Up/Down Digital Aux Buttons, and Screen Toggle. 45 cm cable length.
Weight: 0.03 kg

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Unloaded Speed at 36V:
Unloaded Speed at 48V:
Actual cruising speed / performance under any loading conditions is well modeled in our simulator. NEW!
Launch Motor Simulator with this Kit
Stall at 36V:
Pulling thrust decreases as bike speeds up.
Rear GMAC conversion kit with 72V battery pack for high speed applications. Includes high torque geared motor with locked clutch for regen, optional 72V downtube battery pack and charger, Phaserunner_L10 motor controller, wheelbuild options, a V3 Cycle Analyst, and your choice of PAS sensor. This is a kit that is optimized for unforgiving high speed travel, and the motor temperature sensor with the CA3's thermal rollback and the Phaserunner's phase current limits keep the performance in check.

For a full explanation of the various drop-down choices and a comparison of this package versus other motor options, see our Grin Kits Info Page

For details on the PAS/Torque sensor selection, see the Advanced PAS Kit Info Page

A Video by Grin Technologies

A Video by Grin Technologies

A Video by Grin Technologies

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