Stokemonkey Kit


Mid-drive electric bicycles use a motor that links to the bicycle chain rather than directly to the wheel. This gives them the advantage of variable gearing over the fixed gear ratio of a hub motor.

We haven’t traditionally carried many mid-drive conversion kits because they often use a lot of specialized components and hardware, and tend to look a bit like an awkward afterthought on a bike conversion. However, the Stokemonkey is one product that has always resonated with us and is a purpose-built kit for longtail Cargo Bikes and Bakfiets.

This package was originally developed by Clever Cycles in the early 2000's for tackling the steep hills of San Francisco with an Xtracycle. While many newer incarnations of mid-drive ebikes and kits have taken shape since then, the Stokemonkey continues to fill a unique need. Its use of a low RPM direct drive motor provides smooth silent operation, and its exclusive use of regular bicycle hardware for gearing makes it hackable and serviceable without any proprietary components.

The original Stokemonkey was discontinued in 2011 due to parts supply issues, but we've been able to work with Clever and bring this coveted product back through an updated supply chain. In the process we also developed the Cycle Stoker, a variant for Edgerunner bikes that that drives a single chain on the right and allows the motor to drive without spinning the cranks. 

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    Classic Stokemonkey Kit


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    Classic Left Side Drive Stokemonkey Kit for Cargo Bikes.