Satiator, Low Voltage Model (24V 15A, OEM use)

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Satiator Universal 24V Programmable Battery Charger for 12-28V Nominal Batteries. Max Output of 15A or 360 Watts,Brochure
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Email us of interested as an OEM user.

Satiator, Low Voltage Model (24V 15A, OEM use)

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This is a limited pilot production run of low voltage (30V max) high current Satiator device for 12-24V packs that we are making available to interested OEM users. The output cable is 2m long with heavy 13g wire and is terminated with Anderson Powerpoles. Red and Black for V+ and Gnd, and Yellow for the communication or thermistor port. A custom adapter cable is required in order to communicate to a computer using a USB->TTL cable, as our standard adapter cables all use 3-pin XLR rather than 3-pin Andersons. Please contact us with your application details if interested.
Manufacturer Grin
Output Voltage (V) 30
Charger Current (A) 15
Connector(s) Anderson