Test Equipment

This is a category for test equipment used in doing ebike service, analysis, and repair.

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  • Grinspector Battery Test Station

    Battery Grinspector

    From: US$195.00

    To: US$308.00
    Battery discharge and cycling station based around a Cycle Analyst

    *Please allow 3-6 days manufacturing time
  • Dual Resistor Battery Load Bank, for Discharging 36V and 48V Ebike Packs

    Dual Resistor Battery Load Bank

    Dual Resistor Load Bank with Selection Switch. Discharges 36V Batteries at 2.5A, 5A, or 10A, and 48V Batteries at 3.5A, 7A, or 14A

    *Please allow 2-5 days manufacturing time
  • Grinspector Base Station

    Grinspector Base Station

    Automated CA Based Battery Charging / Discharging Test Station, Base Device (requires V2 Cycle Analyst).
    *Please allow 3-5 days manufacturing time
  • 6.8 Ohm 300 Watt Load Resistor for Battery Testing

    Load Resistor 6.8

    New 6.8 Ohm 400 Watt Load for Battery Discharge Testing.
  • Grin's Precision RShunt Tester for CA Calibration

    RShunt Tester

    Precision mOhm Meter for Accurate RShunt Calibration of Motor Controllers. Tool for OEM's and Dealers, and Hard Core Enthusiasts
  • Victor Multimeter VC921

    Victor Multimeter VC921

    Victor VC921 Mini Multimeter. Compact folding case. Fixed probes. Autoranging. 2x AAA batteries Included.

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