There are several ways to go about purchasing your order:

1. Select your items on the online store and then use the "checkout" option to pay through the website.

If you know exactly what you want then you can just select it on the online store, fill out your billing and shipping details on the checkout page and then proceed with payment by Visa, Mastercard or Paypal.  Your order will be automatically processed and unless we notice something that might need changing or have a particular question your order will ship out as soon as possible and you'll receive a shipment notification by email.

2. Email us at sales@ebikes.ca with the items you want to purchase.

If you need detailed guidance for your build or just have a quick question about one of our products then it is best to send an email to us and let us know what you'd like to purchase.  We'll help as best we can and then we can proceed with payment for your order by email, over the phone, or via a web checkout.

3. Call us to speak to someone directly.

If you have order questions and you'd like to speak to someone at the shop then you can also give us a call during store hours and we will be able to help process your order.   Please note, though, that our two phone lines are frequently busy and when this is the case you will go to the voice mail after 8 rings.  If you have many questions then email is always best since it provides a written record of the exchange which can be very helpful with any future support issues.

4. Come by our shop at 205 - 950 Powell St. during store open hours.

You can also come by the physical shop located in Vancouver, BC Canada during store hours in person and speak to someone if you have particular questions or would just like to see the ebike conversion gear for yourself. We generally have some gear and example conversions on display. You can also pick up online orders from the store to save on shipping if you are going to be in the area.