We will gladly welcome orders from pretty much anywhere in the world. The map below shows where some of our recent customers ordered from; all over the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia/NZ, and even South Africa and Korea. Interest in ebikes is poised to be a global phenomenon but hasn't caught on in many places, and if you can't find a local source for your parts yet we'll be glad to help you out.

How long does it take to ship?

Most small orders normally take about 1 day to process, pack and ship. For larger orders and kits, it will usually take us 2-3 days to have all the parts put together and tested before the package is ready to go. We usually have to replace poorly crimped connectors, check and adjust wheel truing, discharge test battery packs, and verify operation of all the parts before we arrange them into a box for shipping. Orders such as wheel builds and custom modifications can sometimes take a little longer and it's best to ask us for an estimated leadtime if you want to receive the order for a particular deadline.


For shipments within Canada we send items using Canada Post, either regular parcel service for non-rush orders or Xpresspost for those requiring more urgency. Within the western provinces, regular parcel usually only takes 1-3 days, but to the east it is over a week. Shipping a hub motor kit to Western Canada is on the order of $20, and on the order of $30 to Eastern Canada and tracking info is available even with the basic service.


For shipping to the United States, we offer both Canada Post and Fedex Express options. Canada Post offers an Expedited Parcel service taking 7-11 business days, and an Express Post choice of 3-5 days, depending on the state. Both services are transferred to USPS at the border and offer delivery confirmation and insurance, but only the Express Post is trackable on a day-by-day basis. We also offer next-day service via Fedex. Finally, for smaller packages, there is an option to ship items using small packet airmail. This usually arrives in less than a week, but there is no tracking or confirmation number. Shipping a hub motor box via Expedited Parcel is on the order of $30 for Western states, $40 for Central, and $50 for Eastern states.

Rest of the World

For large shipments going everywhere else, we use either Fedex or TNT. Both can offer 2-7 day delivery to just about any destination on the planet, at a rate that is less than parcel mail with the post. Small shipments under 2kg are sent using regular airmail; for example, shipping a Cycle Analyst worldwide is $15 US by airmail (no tracking number).

Duties, Brokerage, and Taxes

All shipments within Canada will have 5% GST or 12/13% HST applied to the total depending on the province.
For shipments to the USA, there is no tax and no import fees. FedEx may occasionally charge brokerage depending on the nature of the shipment and the destination but compared to some of the other major US couriers they are pretty good.
For all other countries, the duty and brokerage situation is largely out of our control. Shipments going via TNT or Fedex will usually have the required import paperwork handled by a 3rd party and billed to the receiver at a later date. Air mail shipments are handled differently from country to country depending on the national postal service.

Purchase In Person

Customers in the Vancouver area are welcome to come by and pick up their order directly during our store hours (outside of store hours, email or call us about possibly scheduling a time). Store Location