Map of Vancouver Mini Maker Faire Layout

Our commute to Maker Faire this year won’t be nearly as epic as the 1800km journey last spring, but we hope the excitement is just as strong. This year we are proud to be not just an exhibitor but also a sponsor at the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire, happening at the PNE fairegrounds next weekend, June 7 & 8. We’ll have an outdoor “ebike eplayground” in the North West corner of the event and as always look forward to sharing grins with locals.  

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Spoke Calculator with Paired Holes

May 31, 2014 3:18:00 AM PDT

Enhanced Spoke CalculatorWe’ve finished a significant round of enhancements to our online ebike spoke calculator application to better serve the needs of people lacing hub motor wheels.

  • Dimensionally accurate real time drawing of the motor, rim, and selected lacing pattern, so you have confidence to see that the hub/rim choices are correct
  • Measurement of the spoke angle at the rim to indicate possible stresses at the nipple and threads.
  • Allowance of paired spoke holes. Many large diameter hub motors have spoke holes grouped in two rather than uniformly distributed, but there are few tools out there to help calculate the appropriate length.


Check it out. We've added a number of new motor sizes (like the Magic Pie3, Crysatlyte Crown, Heinzmann PRA etc.), and are open to add additional suggestions via the related endless-sphere thread

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Trip Analyzer for Cycle Analogger Data

May 31, 2014 3:14:00 AM PDT

Also on the web software front, we’re making progress on a web application to take information saved from the Cycle Analogger device and view both your route and energy usage statistics through interactive graphs and maps, all within your browser window.

 Cycle Analyst Analogger Trip Analysis Program

There is still a long way to go to hit all our desired features, but it’s worth having a look now if you’ve got logs of CA and GPS data and have been stumped on how best make use of it. Additional discussion is here

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Faster Small Parts Shipping through Amazon

May 31, 2014 3:07:00 AM PDT

Amazon Torque Arm Purchase

Shipping small parts from our shop in Canada to American destinations has always been a tad expensive, so we’re experimenting with using Amazon as a fulfillment warehouse better serve US customers. Currently all three of our torque arms are available now, with free shipping for amazon prime subscribers:

And if it works out well we’re start hosting other small Grin Tech items like our ebike lights and DC-DC converters too. 

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The last few weeks we’ve been in the midst of a full inventory transition with some of our product lines, and we apologize to those who’ve had difficulty getting all their kit parts together. This is all wrapping up and there is good news to speak of for those who have been patient.

Grinfineon Controller: Proportional Regenerative Braking.

All of our motor controllers are now running a newer control chip with a customized firmware for proportional regen. We’ve done this in a way that requires no extra hardware. If you have a V3 Cycle Analyst, the regen control is mapped to the otherwise unused 0.0 to 0.8V throttle signal range, giving you full control of the braking force and regen current through the Cycle Analyst. Without a V3 CA, you can use a regular ebrake lever to activate regen, and then use the throttle to modulate the intensity.

Grinfineon Controller, Full Throttle Sweep showing Regen and Fwds RecgionsProportional Regen Curve with Ebrake and Throttle Modulation

We’ve also improved the LED behavior so that you can tell if the controller is operating in sensored or sensorless modes while running, and tidied up the total connector bundle. At the moment, the 20A and 25A controllers are all available with this firmware. The larger 35A and 40A controllers are still in the midst of firmware testing and revisions, but should be available shortly.

eZee 5 LED Console

The latest shipment of eZee kits also includes a simpler 5-LED console for those who don’t require the full details of a Cycle Analyst. This device has been customized for full compatibility with any controller that has a CA plug, whether from an eZee kit or not, and it includes a DC power plug for running front headlights too.

 eZee LED ebike consoleLED Console Panel

The top row of LEDs show the approximate battery voltage, while the bottom row of LEDs is controlled via the up/down buttons to set the ebike power level via current limiting, much like with a V2 Cycle Analyst.  With the 25A eZee controllers, 1 LED = 5 amps, 2 LEDs = 10 amps, etc.



18650 Cells in eZee BatteriesAll our recent stock of higher capacity eZee batteries are using Japanese Sony V3 cells as standard. While the Samsungs have worked reliably, their cycle life at higher discharge currents left a little to be desired and we’re hoping the highly regarded Sony cells yield better longevity. 

For those who found 10Ah wasn't quite enough, but 20Ah excessive, we've also got the Allcell batteries stocked in a 48V 13Ah pack with power cells, and in 35V 15Ah with regular energy cells. 


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Cycle Analyst Setup Software

May 16, 2014 4:24:00 AM PDT

Screen Shot of CA3 Setup UtilityWe’ve got our first software releases completed for the V3 Cycle Analyst, allowing you to set, load, and save all of the advanced CA settings through a computer connection, rather than working via the 2 button interface. This makes it easier to share preconfigured setup configurations and restore defaults just as easily. It also provides acess to OEM features such as masking out certain setup menu screens.

Windows and Linux Versions are available to download from our CA3 Information Page.  This requires you are updated to the V3 Prelim6 firmware. 

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The Right Side Drive (RSD) Stokemonkey system has been refined after months of pilot testing, retooled for the new 2014 Edgerunner frames, and is now available as an independent conversion kit

Right Side Drive Stokemonkey Kit Contents

Some of the great features include:

  • V3 CA with built in pedal torque sensing through the clampset, for proportional torque assistance and human power readout
  • Patterson 2 speed crank with custom 39T chainring, both freewheels and provides a 62T equivalent front gear letting you pedal along at high speeds even with the small 20" rear wheel.
  • All cables lengths sized for a perfect fit on both the large and small 2014 Edgerunner frames, with all wires routed on the downtube for a clean install.
  • Works both with rugged internal hubs (like the Nuvinci) and regular derailleur gear systems.

The installation of this kit is a bit more involved than hub motor setups since it requires bottom bracket tools for the Patterson Crankset, but shouldn’t intimidate the mechanically inclined.  At the moment the kit is only sized for the Xtracycle Edgerunner frame, adapting to other bikes could be tricky but we are working next on a Yuba Mundo package.

Edgerunner Bike with RSD Stokemonkey Installed

Those wanting to purchase a complete Edgerunner with the RSD Stokemonkey installed can do so from Clever Cycles in Portland, and the G&O Family Cyclery in Seattle.  We also have a limited number of Black and Mocha Edgerunners with the Nuvinci hub available with this freewheeling conversion on our Edgerunner store site

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Store Kit Performance Preview

April 27, 2014 4:33:00 AM PDT

Among many website improvement tweaks, we’ve added an additional “performance as configured” data at the bottom of each conversion kit checkout page, which updates automatically as you choose different motors, controllers,and wheel size options in the kit builder:

Kit Performance Preview on Store Site

This provides a glimpse of the expected kit performance with both 36V and 48V batteries without having to separately build your setup on the simulator. So you can at a glance see the unloaded speeds along with the motor thrust, and have this update in real time depending on your motor and/or controller choice. 

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New Item - Dual USB Power Adapter

March 1, 2014 1:50:00 AM PST


Well Dual Output USB Power Adapter for ebikesour first real blog post on the new website should interest many people here. After a year in development we're ready to launch a new DC-DC converter series with USB outputs to help accessorize your ebike.  The first of these is a 15 watt Dual converter, which runs off 24V-72V packs and has full 2A and 1A output ports.  These DC-DC adapters will enable you to turn your ebike battery into a rapid charge station for your phone/tablet/gps/bike light or other gadget.  

The power adapters are rugged, waterproof, made in Canada, and easily plug in to a Cycle Analyst's power port or Anderson tap. There is an embedded LED current gauge that shows how many amps are flowing on each USB port so you can be sure when a device is charging or fully charged. And the output is fully isolated from your ebike battery so there is no risk of shock, ground loops, or electrical interference.

The first production batch is in our curing oven and will be available from the DC-DC converter section of our website. 

ebike DC-DC Power Adapter Charging Devices

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After a few false starts over the past several years we’re finally going live with an updated web layout and back-end for, ( in case you didn’t notice!) circa 2008 homepage circa 2014
... 2004 ... 2008 ... 2014!


We hope with this new organization that it is faster and easier to find relevant information from the maze that was our website. Our goal was not to lose any info in the migration, and more importantly make it much easier to keep publishing new and interesting stuff.

The online store site in particular should be more convenient to navigate. You’ll notice that we’ve added a “specifications” tab with key technical details on the different parts. So for instance you can sort the list of hub motors by their motor kV constant, by their rim size, or by their weight, to hone in on the most suitable one for your project. 

Other things to note:

  • Account and Logins: It is now possible to register an account with us so that you don’t need to re-input address and other info each time you need to get something. You can of course checkout as a guest, but with an account you will be able to look at what you got on previous orders, check shipment status and tracking numbers etc.
  • Credit Card Payments: We can take credit card payments directly by secure checkout now without needing a Paypal account or a phone-in of the details.
  • Online Tools: The popular ebike simulator and spoke calculator are in the “tools” tab on the top, and we hope add a few more useful ebike related tools to this list over the course of the year.
  • Kit Bundles: Most of the conversion kits we’ve now made available in two types,  a) a basic option with throttle control and a V2 CA, or b) an  advanced PAS kit with a V3 Cycle Analyst and your choice of torque or PAS sensors for pedalec control. We hope that this simplifies the process of getting comprehensive set of compatible parts for your build.  

While a lot of the written content has been updated and made fresh, there are still some info sections that are still circa. 2006-ish and works in progress. So naturally, we’re working on them. In the meantime please let us know about any issues/glitches by email.  

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