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Grin Team


Grin Technologies has been a leading player in the design, manufacture, and distribution of parts used for retrofitting bicycles to have electric assist. We are a young operation with all of our R&D, manufacturing, warehousing, and order fulfillment done out of our shop in Strathcona, but with a global sales reach and reputation.  You would be working with a team of 20-25 people who are passionate about what we do, and who believe that electric assist can help expand the reach of bicycles to a much wider audience. We have an open and friendly work environment.

Here are our current open positions:


Electric Bicycle Customer Service and Repair


We are looking to hire someone to join our team to handle sales, customer service, and electronics repair within our growing operation of supplying electric bicycle conversion kits to local and international customers. The ideal candidate has great interpersonal and communication skills, carries a positive energy, and has good familiarity with bicycle hardware and components.


Job Details

The specific responsibilities of this job include:

  • Understanding of our products and assisting with technical support
  • Greeting and assisting walk-in customers
  • Performing ebike and related component repairs
  • Handling incoming phone calls and emails
  • Receiving and preparing orders and processing payments

There are several hats that can be worn and many opportunities for growth and development in a small business, but the above 5 items are the core responsibilities. This is a challenging job that requires someone who is able to correspond over email in a professional and natural manner, who is fast and efficient at getting things done, and who is good at organizing and prioritizing activities. Solid computer literacy is a must, and  some level of post-secondary education is beneficial. ( Technical familiarity with bicycles and electronics required. Full time employees are entitled to benefits after 3 months.

If interested, please send your resumes and/or cover letters via email to: info AT ebikes.ca


Ideal Skill Set:

  • Electronics Repair knowledge (soldering, measurement, component knowledge)
  • Bicycle Hardware and Repair familiarity (wheel building, component installation)
  • Computer proficiency
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills


Compensation: $16 to $20 based on experience

Expected Schedule: Monday-Friday 10AM-6PM. Weekends are off.