Geared Hub Motors

Outrider Geared Motors

Geared hub motors are smaller and lightweight yet deliver an impressive amount of torque for their size due to the internal gear reduction. They also have an internal freewheel, which can be nice in that there is no motor drag when the hub isn't being powered, but it also means that there is no possibility to use them as regen or run them in reverse.
The Outrider motor is a compact 2.4kg hub with a nominal 250 watt power rating that works great for stealthy systems that do not require significant assist for steep hills or cargo. In general it is suitable for 15A to 20A controllers max. This hub has a standard 100mm dropout and is disk brake compatible. The eZee hubs by comparison have much greater power capability (upwards of 750-1000 watts) and best suited to applications that need heavy pulling.
Each geared motor type is available in a faster winding suitable for 16"-20" rims, and a standard winding for 26" and 700c, although they can be laced up in any combination.