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Grin Technologies has been a leading player in the design, manufacture, and distribution of parts used for retrofitting bicycles to have electric assist. We are a young operation with all of our R&D, manufacturing, warehousing, and order fulfillment done out of our shop in Strathcona, but with a global sales reach and reputation.  You would be working with a team of 20-25 people who are passionate about what we do, and who believe that electric assist can help expand the reach of bicycles to a much wider audience. We have an open and friendly work environment.

Here are our current open positions:


2) Lead Software Developer

Grin is currently seeking a candidate to take charge of our entire software development process. While we are mostly a hardware company and have gotten by with co-op students and part time staff responsible for our software projects, it turns out that software development is actually pretty core to our business. We are keeping our eyes out for individual with expertise in the computer sciences to join Grin's engineering team full time.


You would be responsible for oversee the ongoing development of all the software tools produced by Grin; tools used both for interfacing and configuring our products (motor controllers, BMS boards, battery chargers, and Cycle Analyst devices) with a computer or smartphone, and tools used for the analysis and simulation of electric vehicles. This would involve familiarizing yourself with the existing projects, bringing consistency to their UI and back-end details, creating mobile versions of these tools for Android and iOS, and supervising / managing anywhere from 2 to 4 software co-op students to help with the process.

The role would also involve supervising our ongoing development of web apps available on used by customers, researchers, and ebike enthusiasts to optimize and analyze the performance of ebikes in the real world. There are other small responsibilities related to website maintenance and server / IT issues that would fall on the plate as well.

Skills Required: 

  • The use of GIT repositories
  • Project management and leadership skills
  • Programming in C, C++, Python, PHP, javascript
  • A general aptitude at all things computer and software and related