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Grin Team


Grin Technologies has been a leading player in the design, manufacture, and distribution of parts used for retrofitting bicycles to have electric assist. We are a young operation with all of our R&D, manufacturing, warehousing, and order fulfillment done out of our shop in Strathcona, but with a global sales reach and reputation.  You would be working with a team of 20-25 people who are passionate about what we do, and who believe that electric assist can help expand the reach of bicycles to a much wider audience. We have an open and friendly work environment.

Here are our current open positions:

This summer has been fantastically busy and we are looking to expand our ground team in order to handle this increased activity. We've had 5 new members join Grin at the end of August and are still looking for 2 more candidates, one full time in a front end sales / recepetion capacity, and another part time for bookkeeping. 

Sales and Reception

We are looking for one additional person who is already familiar and interested in ebike retofits to join Grin full time in a sales and support capacity. This can involve helping customers in person, over the phone, and via email to navigate through the the conversion and product options to find the most ideal setup for their needs. It requires patience, fantastic written and verbal communication skills, and a desire to learn and understand the many intricacies of our product offerings and bike compatibilities.

Accounting / Bookkeeping

We are looking for someone at least part time (20+ hrs/week) to help with keep our daily book-keeping in check and deal with other administrative and accounting tasks that come up. Familiarity with Quickbooks and general accounting practices is important.

Packing, Shipping, and Warehousing Assistant

Over 90% of the orders we receive are placed online, and it's an ongoing mission for us to carefully prepare, test, pack, and ship out most orders within 24 hours. We need to expand our packing and shipping team this year to handle our ever increasing sales volume.  This is not just a typical warehouse job, it requires building an intimate familiarity with our product lines, understanding parts compatibility between different components, performing final stage QC and device testing, and following through with customers on issues pertaining to shipping and product selection. 


We are looking to hire up to three more people to work on Grin's production and manufacturing team as our line of Canadian made GRIN products continues to take off. This work can involve a range of hands-on skills; soldering, wire crimping, potting resins, packaging, QC testing, mechanical assembly, you name it. The manufacturing positions don't require specific technical background but do require an aptitude and enjoyment of efficient hands-on work with careful attention to detail and craftsmanship. Between our LiGo Batteries, the Grin All Axle Motor, DC-DC converters, and Phaserunner / Baserunner motor controllers, we're having a difficult time keeping up with demand.

Application and Compensation

If you are interested in applying to Grin in any of the capacities listed above, please us a resume and cover letter via email to info AT The exact starting compensation offered for each position would depend on the skill set and background experience of the applicant, and is typically in the $15-$20 / hr range.