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Welcome to the online storefront for Grin Technologies. Our goal is to maintain a large unique selection of electronic accessories, hub motors, controllers, batteries, and bundled conversion kits suitable for ebikes and other personal electric vehicles (PEVs). If you are new to the scene and considering an ebike conversion but are lost with all the options, please read our Kits Overview page, our Intro to Ebike Components, our Bike Compatibility Guide, and finally our explanation of Battery Options to have a solid grounding before you send us an inquiry. 

For most first time kit customers we'll end up recommending one of the Ready-to-Rolll kit bundles that is compatible with their bike and suites their need for speed, power, and range. 

Below is a clickable list of items stocked in Vancouver, BC, Canada, for sale to PEV enthusiasts around the world. Use the links below or the navigation bar on the left to learn more about our products. Any questions, email us at Keep on Smiling!

Schedule a Shop Visit, Tuesday-Friday 11am-6pm


If you are in Vancouver, BC, our factory and shop space is located at #205-950 Powell St., which in fact accessed from Cordova Street.. Our staff are busy at work engineering ebike components and doing phone/email support throughout the day and require a scheduled appointment if you are looking to come in person to discuss conversion options, or to pickup an order that has been placed online. Please phone or email if you would like to come by in person.

Address: #205-950 Powell St (accessed via Cordova), Vancouver, BC. View MAP

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  • MXUS 30mm Rear Cassette motor


    Regular Price: US$225.00

    Special Price: US$175.00

    Out Of Stock

    MXUS Rear Cassette Motor, Statorade Ready and Disk Compatible with 0.35mm Laminations and Thermistor. Fast 11 rpm/V Winding.
  • 73mm Shell



    Out Of Stock

    73mm Adapter Shell for Sempu Torque Sensor