Nine Continent / MXUS

The Nine Continent motors are from a very high volume Chinese motor manufacturer that sells mostly to the domestic market, and as such have mechanical tolerances and standards consistent with Chinese quality. For instance the disk mount doesn't give enough clearance for most calipers without additional shims and spacers and the axle threads are sometimes crudely cut. However, their performance as motors is quite good, and we have taken this a step further by getting them custom made with 0.35mm laminations for low rolling drag and a Statorade injection port for heat dissipation.

For people looking for a low cost but well performing drive motor choice, our 9C+ 27XX motors can fit the bill perfectly. For a step up, we also have a similar style of rear hub motor from MXUS, with 0.35mm laminations, Statorade compatibilty, and using cassette freehubs rather than screw on freewheels.

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  • Front 9C Motor Kit with 0.35mm Laminations

    9C+ Front Kit, Advanced PAS

    From: US$385.00

    To: US$1,087.00
    Front 9C+ Based Kit with a V3 Cycle Analyst and PAS/Torque Sensor Options.
  • 9C+ Front Kit, Basic Throttle

    9C+ Front Kit, Basic Throttle

    From: US$285.00

    To: US$906.00
    Front 9C+ Based Kit with a V2 Cycle Analyst and Basic Throttle Control.
  • DD45 Motor Kit

    DD45 Motor Kit

    From: US$435.00

    To: US$1,101.00
    Powerful Rear DD45 Conversion Kit.

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