The High Power brand battery chargers have been the industry standard for a decently rugged ebike charger with a relatively fast output current; 4A at 36V and 3A at 48V. The 42V output charger is suitable for most 10 series lithium batteries, while the 43.5V output is charger is needed for 12 series LiFePO4 packs.

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  • 36V 2A Charger

    36V 2A Charger

    36V 2.0A Lithium Battery Charger from ST
  • 52V 2A Charger

    52V 2A Charger

    52V 2.0A Fan-Free Lithium Battery Charger from XVE
  • 36V 5A Charger

    36V 5A Charger


    Out Of Stock

    36V 5A Li-ion Charger, TUV Listed, Fan Cooled. (42V output)
  • 48V 3A Charger

    48V 3A Charger

    48V 3A Li-ion Charger, Aluminum Casing, Fan Cooled. (54.6V output)

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