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We have many front and rear hub motor options both as bare hubs and prelaced into rims. All are 3 phase brushless DC motors and require a motor controller to operate. The low power motors (Bafang and Crystalyte SAW/NSM) use a HiGo Z910 connector while most of the more powerful hubs are terminated with the L1019 connector. All of our direct drive hub motor offerings generally feature a built in thermistor for temperature sensing, 0.35mm laminations for low rolling drag, and are sealed with a Statorade injection port for extra cooling if required

For a more detailed explanation and comparison of the various motor options, see the Grin Hub Motor Kits info page.

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  • Custom Hub Motor Wheel Build

    Custom Motor Build

    From: US$139.00

    To: US$910.00
    Have any of our unlaced hub motors built up into a rim size of your choosing.
  • GMAC Clutchless Geared Hub Motor


    GMAC Clutchless Geared Hub Motor, Standard (8.1 rpm per V) Winding
  • GMAC8T


    GMAC Clutchless Geared Hub Motor, Fast (10.2 rpm/V) Winding