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Grin Store Satus Update, and Pending Oct 1st Closure

September 22, 2020 3:01:01 PM PDT

We're glad to say that all the hard work of our manufacturing and shipping teams has paid off after the end-of-summer cathcup. Our order queue and shipping lead times for most products are back to regular pre-covid era, even though our volumes remain just as high.  

With that under our belt we have yet another big reorganization to brace for next week. We'll be performing the migration of our website to a new and more modern platform on Thursday October 1st. We're expecting a 1-2 day period when the new www.ebikes.ca site will be live but order checkouts will be temporarily disabeld. This will allow us to carefully check the stability, security, and functionality of all aspects of the page before opening it up to payments order processing.

We thank you once again in advance for your patience while we sort through these upgrades! Forwards we go.  

Posted By Justin Lemire-Elmore

SX Motor Series

September 22, 2020 2:59:55 PM PDT

After a succesful summer of field testing we're glad to have a pair of geared hub motors from Shengyi added to our catalog. These motors have the same quiet helical gears that everyone loves about the Bafang G310/G311 motors, but are in a slightly larger size level and power class. Many customers were pushing the G31x's a little beyond their capability and we think the SX1 (front) and SX2 (rear)  hubs will do a great job of fitting that gap between the small Bafang's and much more powerful motors like the GMAC. The front SX1 motors are in stock now, and the rear SX2 hubs should be in early October. 

Size and weight comparison of the G310 vs SX2 vs GMAC rear hub motors

Read more about the SX1 / SX2 motors here.

One feature we're proud to deploy in these hubs is a combined speed AND temperature sensing in the Z910 motor plug which is compatible with our latest Baserunner controllers.  As long as you have a kit with a V3 Cycle Analyst, you can comfortably see the motor temperature on your display and push the power limits without the risk of fried windings. We're aiming to make this feature standard in all of our new geared motors with the Z910 connector. 

Posted By Justin Lemire-Elmore

Status Update for August 2020

August 22, 2020 11:54:00 AM PDT

Hey everyone we have now finished started the planned Aug 22nd - 29th store shutdown. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we got caught up. Please note that while our store is now open again - we are still not serving walk-in customers due to ongoing CoVID-19 restrictions. During this week we will get caught with all aging orders and communication backlogs, and also deploy new internal systems to smooth out our operations. Our sales and support staff will still be available by email but new orders are now on hold.  If you have things in your cart you'll be able to check out on Aug 30th. 

Ebike activity has really been through the roof this summer and we wanted to thank both the team here and our customers for their patience as we adjust to this new reality. We've managed to step up our manufacturing throughput so that most of our key items (Phaserunners, Baserunners, All Axle motors, CA3-WP's, LiGo Batteries..) have been in good supply again; our sales and support team have been responding to over 1500 emails and countless phone calls each week; and our packing and shipping team of been getting record throughput out the door.

One downside of this unprecedented activity is that other items (new video releases, web content updates, R&D, user manuals, new product development etc.) have taken a backseat as we try to stay on top of top order volumes. We're hoping to make headway on a number of those fronts next week too.

Introducing our new Operations Manager - Guy Thorburn

Guy Thorburn at the BBQWe're pleased to have brought an experienced fellow like Guy onboard as our first full-time operations manager. Guy has previously been involved with successful tech businesses in BC like Carmanah (https://carmanah.com/), and helped Grin during our first move away from the small shop on Main St. 10 years ago. We're looking forward to have him as part of our core team as we scale things to the next phase in this exciting industry. 


More Job Hirings

Thanks to everyone that sent in an application for our recent job postings - we're currently finished with hiring for now and have a few exciting new team members here at Grin...

That said if you're an eBike repair and support expert, we'd love to hear from you - send over an email with a resume and cover letter as well as anything else you think we should know.

We've had a half dozen new staff join Grin this summer but we are still looking for even more! There are two roles in particular that we could use filled like yesterday:

1) Remote Technical Support: We're still looking for people with a technical background in order to help with troubleshooting and support. This is a position that can be done remotely so no need to be in Vancouver, but we are after someone who already has deep familiarity and understanding of Grin's entire product lineup and superb typing and writing skills. This could be a great side hustle for an ebike guru out of work due to the Covid situation, and we're open to both part time or full time possibilities.

2) Packing / Shipping Assistant: We're also after another pair of hands to work full time in the packing and shipping side of our business. This job can't be done remote, so if you know someone in Vancouver looking for a manual job with a good crew of people then feel free to spread the word.

If you are interested in either of these then please send us an email with a resume, cover letter, and any other details about yourself you think we should know.   

Posted By Justin Lemire-Elmore

Pending Store Closure, Aug 22 - 30th

August 5, 2020 9:37:57 AM PDT

This summer hasn't slowed down one bit and we're still firing away on all phases to keep up. However the excess activity has resulted in some organizational chaos across our shop. We will be closing both our online store and phyiscal shop for from Aug 22nd to Aug 30th for some deep cleaning and restructuring to better serve people and to fully catch up on any backlogs. It will also allow us to sort through tons of old stock and prepare an epic end-of-summer garage sale of ebike parts!

During this period we will still be answering support emails, but we won't be able to take in new orders or process any orders placed after August 14th.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and happy riding.

Posted By Justin Lemire-Elmore

Busy Month and New Presentation

June 17, 2020 5:40:33 AM PDT

We thought May was a record busy month here but June has even stepped that up a notch! Normally this should be a good news item as we all want ebikes to take off. However, it also means that in spite of careful inventory planning and increased staffing levels earlier this year, we're still having a difficult time keeping up with this activity. We're currently receiving 250-300 emails a day which is more than our capacity to answer, and many items that we thought would be in good supply are fast running out of stock.

We're doing what we can to stay caught up, to bring on more staff, and to expedite stop-gap inventory supplies. And in the meantime, we appreciate your patience as our email response time is slower than usual, and orders are sometimes taking a week or more to ship out as we work through the queue.

We would also like to remind our local customers that we are still committed to contact-less order pick-ups and are not accepting unscheduled visits. Please continue to place your orders online and we will contact you when the order is ready to collect. 

Efficiency Presentation - Sun Jun 21st

In spite of all this busyness, we will still be going ahead with the next installment in our live seminars to spread in-depth knowledge of different aspects of ebike technology. But we will be dropping the frequency of these from every 2 weeks to once a month. The focus of our upcoming presentation will be all about motor and system efficiency, and will start this Sunday at 10am PDT. Tune in if you feel like geeking out! This talk will get a little nerdy. 

A Video by Grin Technologies

Posted By Justin Lemire-Elmore

V3 Phaserunners

May 30, 2020 4:27:34 AM PDT

Our Phaserunner Motor Controllers are back in stock with an updated V3 design that uses the new waterproof WP8 Cycle Analyst plug standard. This brings the Phaserunner into the same connector realm as the Baserunner controllers and simplifies the hookup of motor temperature sensors and handlebar on/off power switches. See our short Phaserunner V3 Updates List for a detailed explanation.

Phaserunner Order Shipments Going Out the Door

Actually, we've been making them like mad for the past couple weeks since the parts came in just trying to keep up with the order volumes during this record breaking busy month of May! By the end of this week we expect to be fully caught up on the back-orders and we thank everyone for their patience if you've had an order in the queue that hasn't shipped yet.

Posted By Justin Lemire-Elmore

Multi-Motor Drive Systems

May 10, 2020 11:26:19 AM PDT

After the great feedback from our SPEZI show presentation on hub motor theory we're pumped to make this into a recurring event. At least once or twice a month until the end of summer we'll do a thorough live-stream seminar on some aspect of ebike technology for those people after a deeper understanding of the topic.

Our next talk is going to be this coming Sunday, May 17th, and we've decided to cover multi-motor drive systems. That could be dual front and rear hub motors, one hub motor and a mid-drive motor, dual front motors on a tadpole trike, dual rear motors on a delta trike, and even 3 wheel drive setups.

A Video by Grin Technologies

We plan to explain when and why you'd consider a multi-motor setup, and then into great detail on the optimal component selectoin and wiring techniques to properly control multiple motors on a single vehicle. If this is an area of interest, check in Sunday at 9am PDT on the video link above and join the stream!

Posted By Justin Lemire-Elmore

Update - Server Migration Complete, Browse Away!

Hey everyone, this Saturday at 5pm Pacific Time our website will be down.
Yes, we know our webpage has gone down a number of times lately; what's different is that this time it is planned in advance! We are migrating to a new server that should result in faster page loads and better browsing experience for all those who come visit ebikes.ca to learn things, play with our tools, or shop for ebike parts.

Faster Website Here We Come!

If all goes well this should last for 1-2 hours and then the site will operate normally again, with the same old look but nice and overdue speed injection. We recommend not being in the process of creating any orders on Saturday afternoon/evening until after the migration has completed, and for some period of time the order page will be locked. All core online orderi functionality seems to be up and running fine.

It is quite possible that there will be additional hiccups or aspects of our web page that end up breaking in this process, but we have a team on hand who will be on the front lines to resolve any issues. We're looking forward to this upgrade and having our next check-in from the other side.

Posted By Justin Lemire-Elmore

Spezi Talks

April 24, 2020 4:17:26 AM PDT

Our original 2020 plans had us in Germany this weekend participating in the one-of-a-kind Spezi bike fair. This event showcases all the outcasts and inventive oddities from the bicycle scene: Cargobikes, velomobiles, recumbents, trikes, ellitpical bikes, folders, handcycles... our kind of folks! We were excited to finally attend after hearing about it for so many years. We were going to share an exhibit booth with our friends at ebikes-solutions, show off some fun demo EV projects, and meet many of our European customers and clients.

That's not happening of course, but in the spirit of keeping the event alive the organizers have created a virtual Spezi page and made to make as much of the planned content available this weekend to anyone who wants.

We were scheduled to deliver two presentations, one on the logistics and experiences of solar bike touring, and another on the practical and theoretical understanding of hub motors. Those events are going ahead!

A Video by Grin Technologies

The upcoming talk about hub motors will be a livestream broadcast on YouTube that starts on Sunday at 7am PST, 10am Eastern Time, or 4pm in the afternoon for those on European time, and we'd love you to join us if this is a topic you want to learn more about.

Posted By Justin Lemire-Elmore

3 Wheels Live Premiere

April 16, 2020 5:50:46 PM PDT

We had plans to show our short Suntrip video at several more film festivals this year, but with all of those gatherings cancelled and many people stuck at home we've decided to do a live streaming release this weekend for everyone to watch.  If you are into ebikes, solar bikes, rowing bikes, or random silly adventures, then tune into our Youtube premiere of "3 Wheels Under the Sun" this Sunday evening at 7pm PST.



A Video by Grin Technologies

If you miss it, you'll miss out on the live chat but at you'll be able to stream it any time therafter no problem.   

Posted By Justin Lemire-Elmore

Grinspector Revisited

April 11, 2020 2:21:00 AM PDT

We hope that everyone out there is making the most of their Easter long weekend given the circumstances! Here at Grin we've still been plowing along with our ebike development projects as much as possible,and are glad to announce some nice updates to our Grinspector Battery test station.

This is a device that we developed initially for our in-house battery testing needs but decided to make it available as a tool for other ebike businesses and custom builders. The recent updates include

  • Native Operation up to 100V (previously was 60V max for charging)
  • Entirely Rewritten Software Suite, now Available for macOS
  • Discharge Test Periodically Measures Pack Internal Resistance

We've been using a bank of these for doing our 100% quality control tests on every single battery pack prior to shipping, and we show this setup and the basic operation in the following video:

A Video by Grin Technologies

While we were at it, we also produced a video tutorial on setting up a Grinspector station and using new software suite. 

A Video by Grin Technologies

Posted By Justin Lemire-Elmore

Grin Operations Update

March 27, 2020 3:26:09 PM PDT

As the situation with COVID-19 unfolds, we are adapting in order to provide high quality ebike conversion components and ebike accessories, while keeping our entire crew safe and employed.

Sales and Support

At the moment our sales and support staff are working exclusively from home and are not at the Grin facility. While we always prefer email communication whenever possible, we have setup a remote system to allow the sales team to call back those of you who are unable to email and leave us a phone message instead.

Local Pickup

Although the storefront is fully closed, our shipping department is still allowing local order pickups for the time being. Local orders need to be placed and paid online first, and then we will notify by email when the package is ready for scheduling an appropriate collection time. This is strictly a package pickup service, we will not have the ability to modify the orders or provide any sales assistance you may be used to. 

RMA Processing

We will continue to do our best at providing all the troubleshooting and warranty support to keep your ebike setups up and running; there is no better way to stay fresh and healthy during this time and the roads have never been less congested. However we cannot process any in-person visits to the shop, and our turn-around time for items that need repair work is currently much longer than normal given the remote work situation. We will address each situation on a case-by-case basis to sort an appropriate resolution given the circumstances.

Posted By Robbie Campbell

Business during Covid-19

March 16, 2020 8:49:00 AM PDT

Needless to say this past week saw a very rapid change in the ground situation for Covid-19 response around the world, and we're in full support of all the preventative measures being taken to reduce the foothold that it gains here.


What we are doing

We are going to try and keep Grin's online business fully operational to continue delivering ebike conversion parts around the world, but many of our staff will be working from home and we will be keeping the number of people at our shop to a minimum. For the time being:

1) No more visit appointments

We will cease doing in-person consultations at our shop. We will only be allowing visits from people who have pre-paid orders that are ready for pickup, and we'll have your items in a box by the front door when you've been notified that the order is ready. Updated to reflect our latest procedures 

2) Reduced Phone Availability

We will try to have one person available for phone support down from our normal 3 lines, which means we ask you to leave that phone line open for those who strictly need it and cannot use email due to vision or technical issues. Otherwise all correspondence (sales questions, technical questions, order updates, troubleshooting/support) will be directed over email.


We thank you for your understanding on these two points and hope that people are doing well and staying healthy. All health concerns aside, for those not affected a short-term pause in all the long distance travel, commuting, and big events may end up being good for the soul and for general perspective. Stay positive, go for bike rides, fix things up around the house, our busy lives can use the occasional reset.

Posted By Justin Lemire-Elmore

A Few Product Delays

March 6, 2020 4:10:03 PM PST

As many people are well aware the spread of Covid19 has disrupted the supply chain of goods originating in China. Fortunately most of our inventory and stock was well secured before this but we have had setbacks in 3 product lines:

1) Phaserunner

The PCB assemblies for the Phaserunner devices are not expected now until the end of this month, and we will not be taking back-orders until those parts are on hand. For many users the newer Baserunner_L10 model is an excellent substitute for those who do not require 72V operation, and we have that in good supply

2) Inexpensive Chargers:

Our inexpensive chargers are back in stock, so this deal is done! (04/13/2020)

Our cheaper 2A and 3A charger models with the ST3 port are entirely out of stock leaving us without a budget charger option to pair with our downtube batteries. Until these are back in stock (eta mid-march), we are offering the Satiator Upgrade on a kit or battery at 50% off the normal price to split the difference. Please note that this discount only applies with a battery or ready-to-roll kit purchase that includes a Satiator, and not on the charger by itself.

Get Satiator instead of Generic Charger for just $150 USD

3) Standard LiGo Batteries:

The assembly of our next batch of LiGo BMS circuitboards got seriously delayed as well, and full production might not be possible until early April. We have a limited supply of LiGo's available for backorder purchase being made from rework of existing inventory, while the new higher power LiGo+ modules are available in good supply.

Posted By Justin Lemire-Elmore

This is a reminder that we are once again attending the BC Bike Show with a full booth showcasing many of our kit and conversion products. If you want an opportunity to talk about retrofit options that would suite your needs and see the systems firsthand then please come by. It's a great event with many players in the local cycling and outdoors scene all under one roof. We're at location B207.

Floor Plan of 2020 BC Bike Show Robbie at Grin's Booth

At the show we'll be giving two presentations on solar bicycle touring and screening the short film of our 2018 Suntrip ride. The premier showing at the Mountain Film Festival was very well received and we're glad to have another opportunity to present this to a public audience, and to answer any questions about solar powered ebikes. Check us out at the Cycle Stage.

  • Saturday Feb 29th at 12:30pm
  • Sunday  March 1st  at 3:00pm
Posted By Justin Lemire-Elmore

Introducing our New Sales Crew

February 26, 2020 12:27:56 PM PST

We are happy to introduce four new people who joined Grin recently to help us out in our sales and customer support department. Bob, Laurel, and Nicole all started at the beginning of the month and have been doing an amazing job learning all the ins and outs of this operation, while our good friend Eliza's been guiding the process since coming on board last fall.

 Say hi to your new front-end crew

This expanded sales team will help us deliver fast response and excellent customer service as this business keeps getting busier and busier, and we appreciate your support and occasional patience as the new staff get fully trained up.

You can see that our front of shop renovations have been moving along as we accommodate this larger team and prepare ourselves for what is sure to be a busy summer. For now however, we will continue to be a by-appointment operation. If you do need to visit Grin in person, please remember to call or email in advance to book a time slot, Tue-Fri 11am - 6pm, instead of showing up unannounced.

Posted By Justin Lemire-Elmore

Grin's 2020 Batteries Update

February 23, 2020 1:58:24 AM PST

Our Grin battery lineup keeps growing and the latest shipment includes high capacity downtube batteries in the new Reention DP-9C 84 cell enclosure. These large packs provide over a kilowatt-hour of capacity in convenient frame mounted casing, ideal for long distance trekkers.

 New Reention Battery Enclosures

We have both a 36V 26.5Ah and a 52V 20Ah model in stock and ready to ship. We've also got a smaller 48V 16.5Ah Reention battery model for smaller range requirements. These 3 new models are all Baserunner compatible for slick conversions and are available with our Ready-to-Roll kit bundles

72V are Shipping

Last year we expanded our 72V pack offerings to include a 9.5Ah model using Panasonic 21700A cell, but they were for local customers only as we lacked the paperwork and certification to ship them. Well that has been sorted out and these 72V downtube battery packs are now available to be delivered around the world. These packs provide a very convenient approach to doing high speed EV builds without the complications of series connecting 36V batteries or dealing with sketchy pack construction.

LiGo+, Higher Power

We're also putting on the final touches for a new LiGo+ battery module that uses the high power Samsung 30Q cells. These new LiGo+ packs can sustain higher continuous discharge currents (15A vs 10A) and charge currents than our standard LiGo, making them ideal for very lightweight EV builds that are running just 2 or 3 of these modules. For large packs (4 or more in parallel) the standard LiGo batteries are still perfectly suited and the most economical, but for more ultra light systems the LiGo+ packs are just the ticket. .

Posted By Justin Lemire-Elmore

VIMFF - Feb 26th

3 Wheels Movie PosterWe're thrilled to report that the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival (VIMFF) has selected our short film "3 Wheels Under the Sun" for their upcoming show. This tells the full story of our 2018 Suntrip race and will hit the big screens on Feb 26th at the Rio Theater along with presentations from other long distance bike tours . We welcome anyone in Vancouver with an interest in bike adventures to get tickets now. If you're into the outdoors be sure to check out the many other great shows during the 10 day festival.


BC Bike Show - Feb 29th / Mar 1st

We'll also have a screening the following weekend at the BC Bike Show on Feb 29th at 12:30pm, and March 1st at 3pm. This will be a more intimate environment that will allow discussions about the logistics of solar ebike touring and a Q&A session afterwords. If you are interested to hear more details about solar powered ebikes or have some burning questions then please come out. There are plenty of reasons already to check out the BC Bike Show and hopefully this adds one more to your list!

Posted By Justin Lemire-Elmore

Anderson Inventory Motor Clearout

February 8, 2020 12:42:18 AM PST

As we move fully to the L10 motor connector standard for medium to high power kits, we've decided to slash prices on all our remaining motor and controller inventory that use the Powerpole standard. This is your chance to get a great deal on high performance kits at 30-40% off the regular price, and it includes all of our eZee kits and the prelaced Crystalyte UFO kits.

 Clearance Motor Kits with Anderson Plugs

The motor Anderson and JST plugs and standard has served us well for over 10 years, but we're trying to reduce the overlap as our upcoming eZee and Crystalyte orders will all be with the overmolded L1019 connectors.

Posted By Justin Lemire-Elmore

Merry Christmas Grinners

December 25, 2019 4:44:50 PM PST

We hope everyone out there who celebrates is having a great Christmas holiday.

Wishing you all a great Christmas from our staff and a few +1's

It may not be peak ebike riding season but it can sure be prime building season! We're wrapping up several months of serious work behind the scenes at our shop and are glad to announce a few things as the year comes to a close.

RTR Kits

First and foremost, we've expanded our selection of Ready-to-Roll kit bundles based around the new Baserunner controller series. Including many high power hub systems now that we have the Baserunner_L10 in full production which supports 80A peak phase currents. Check the video below.

A Video by Grin Technologies

All Axle Fun

These motors are in full production at our factory/shopWe're also happy that report that our Grin All Axle hub motor is out of the Beta testing phase and in full release with an updated V2 model. We want to thank all those pilot users from the past several years as we worked out all the kinds, and all those single side trike pioneers who helped us develop a series of adapters for so many trike models. (and yeah, it goes without saying that we are working on a rear version next)


Some of the new stuff recently added to our shopThere are more end-of-the-year product treats too. We've got motor options for the 190mm fatbike frames, super secure double and triple bobs coming off our CNC mill for mounting downtube batteries, wheelbarrow and scooter motors for non-ebike conversions, and a few more 72V and 36V battery choices too.


Reading documents

With a wider audience of first timers getting into ebikes as the movement spreads, we also thought it was about time to publish some more entry-level information for people those just getting started.

  1. Don't know the difference between a torque arm and a mosfet? Here is a basic primer on all the components that make up an ebike conversion system.
  2. Not sure what hub motor options would be compatible with your bike build? We've written a thorough compatibility list for all the different styles of bikes and trikes and what does and doesn't work. 
Posted By Justin Lemire-Elmore
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