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The Phaserunner is a compact state-of-the-art field oriented motor controller (FOC) from Grin Technologies based around the sophisticated control electronics from Accelerated Systems Inc. of Toronto. It is ideally suited for running brushless motors for electric vehicles in the 500-2000 watt power range, and once you have experienced the smooth response of a FOC with a torque throttle it's hard to go back to a the setup you had before.

This controller was designed as a universal device that can fit on almost any bicycle frame and handle almost any motor system. You can power it from a 24V battery or a 72V battery, and run your phase current to peaks of over 90 amps, though the continuous current capability without additional heatsinking is typically 45-50A. The wiring is paired down to the bare basics for a nice clutter-free installation; including a throttle plug, a Cycle Analyst plug, cable to your motor, and a cable to your battery pack.

Phaserunner ConnectionsPhaserunner Button and Jack


  • Remote on/off switch compatible Integrated On/Off push button 
  • Direct plug for both V2 and V3 Cycle Analysts
  • Proportional regen available through throttle signal or stand alone wire
  • Works both Sensored and Sensorless, and even with very high eRPMs
  • Waterproof, 100% potted electronics
  • Fully programmable parameters (regen voltage, max phase and battery currents etc.)
  • Field Weakening allows you to run motors faster than normal back-emf limit
  • Higher motor efficiency at low speeds / high torques
  • Torque based throttle command (no twitchy throttle with powerful system)
  • Operating voltage range from 20V to 90V (21S Li-Ion, 24s LiFe)
  • Automatic thermal rollback to prevent controller overheating

User Manual

Download Latest V2 Phaserunner User Manual with XT60-MT60 Plugs

V1.0 Phaserunner User Manual (Units produced Nov 2016 - Aug 2017) has internal on/off button, long battery and phase wires..

Phaserunner Dimensional Diagram


Software Suite

New Phaserunner Software Suite from Grin Tech, Windows
New Phaserunner Software Suite from Grin Tech, Linux
New Phaserunner Software Suite from Grin Tech, MacOS
BacDoor Software Download *windows only
BAC Controller User Manual (ASI Draft)

The drivers for the FTDI chipset inside the USB-TTL adapter can be found through FTDI here -

Default Parameter File

If you have messed around with deep settings in the Phaserunner or managed to corrupt the device from interrupted communications, we have this file available here that allows you to restore all the parameters to their default state. If your browser displays the file inline instead of downloading it, right click the link and select "Save Link As..." 

Download Defaults Parameter File

You will need to enable Level 3 Access from the advanced tab prior to loading and flashing with this XML file in order to change any deeper settings that may have been affected.

Level 3 Access Checkbox

Additional Details

We posted a fair amount of our test data in the endless-sphere forum during the development and initial pilot roll-out of the Phaserunner controller, and we've highlighted some of this data here:

  • Efficiency comparison: Here we did direct comparisons on our dyno of a standard Infineon trapezoidal controller versus the Phaserunner controller running the same hub motor with the same battery current. You can see upwards of a 5% improvement in motor efficiency with the Phaserunner hub, as well as a steeper drop off in torque vs RPM
  • Field Weakening: Here are some discussions of the field weakeneing capability of the Phaserunner and how that affects both the no-load current draw and the unloaded RPM.
  • Thermal Rollback Limits:
  • eRPM Limit: Here we showed the Phaserunner controller running an RC outrunner motor at 72,000 eRPM's. However, ASI advised that beyond 60,000 eRPM the controller performance can suffer and we only did the testing unloaded.

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